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Data Science and Decisions
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Study maths and stats at UNSW in Sydney

For students currently studying maths and stats at UNSW.

Research in maths and stats at UNSW Sydney

Industry partnerships with UNSW maths and stats


This course is designed as an overview of statistical design and analysis for researchers. There is...


The School of Mathematics and Statistics at UNSW is pleased to offer a professional development day...


UNSW Science will be running the Year 10 work Experience Program from 28 November to 2 December...


Join us for this public lecture by award-winning Canadian statistician, Professor Jeffrey Rosenthal...


The Fifth Annual Meeting of the Australian and New Zealand Association of Mathematical Physics (...


The High-Dimensional Approximation (HDA) Workshop is a series of biennial international meetings...



Sign-definite formulations and frequency-robust preconditioned FEMs: Part 2
M. Ganesh

Counting points on geometrically hyperelliptic curves of genus three
Maike Massierer

Wet gets wetter, salty gets saltier: using ocean observations to measure global water cycle change
Jan Zika

Student Self-Assessment and Self-Reporting of Mathematical Errors
James Gleeson

Eddy/tidal mixing and transport at the Antarctic margins
Andrew Stewart

Linear Algebra with Errors, Coding Theory, Cryptography and Fourier Analysis on Finite Groups
Steven Galbraith

Local-global questions on curves of genus one
Felipe Voloch

On the security of supersingular isogeny cryptosystems
Steven Galbraith

Spotlight on...

Growing up in a tiny village in Ireland, Dr Shane Keating's interest in maths was first sparked by games such as chess and cards. That initial spark has led to a career spanning three continents, fascinating research in mathematical oceanography, and a position as a lecturer in maths at UNSW.