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Open Day is your chance to see UNSW up-close and personal. See our high quality facilities and chat...


Join us for a celebration of mathematics! Look into your future on Advanced Mathematics Day. Hear...


A free public lecture by Professor Terry Speed, Prime Minister’s Prize for Science Recipient and...


This course is designed as an overview of statistical design and analysis for researchers. There is...


UNSW-CSIRO WORKSHOP Risk: modelling, optimization and inference  (with applications in Finance,...



Higgs-de Rham flow in the non-abelian p-adic Hodge theory and a p-adic analogue of the uniformization theory of a hyperbolic Riemann surface
Kang Zuo

Nonparametric Regression Approach to Bayesian Computation (joint with UNSW Business School)
Prof Jiti Gao

On shifted Laplace and related preconditioners for finite element approximations of the Helmholtz equation
Ivan Graham

Matrices that *almost* commute
Adam Sorensen

A Markov Chain Model for Studying Suicide Dynamics: An Illustration of the Rose Theorem
Prof Paul SF Yip

Transition to turbulence in non-Newtonian flows
Sharon Stephen

A Minimum Distance Estimation through Profiling
Assoc/Prof Jingjing Wu

Sequential Monte Carlo in High-Dimensions
Assoc/Prof Ajay Jasra

One of the oldest disciplines in mathematics, going back to the work of Pythagoras and Euclid, geometry in modern mathematics takes on a multitude of forms. This age-old discipline is still seeing transformation and new discoveries - quite a few of them happening here at UNSW!

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