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There are currently no events planned within the School of Mathematics and Statistics at UNSW.

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Multilevel Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods with Applications in Subsurface Flow
Robert Scheichl

Subfactors and twisted equivariant K-theory
David Evans

Topological games, Cantor sets and Diophantine approximation
Stephen Harrap

Bayesian Modelling and Analysis of Big Data
Prof Kerrie Mengersen

Hodges' Superefficiency and Oracle Property in Model Selection
Assoc/Prof Xian Zhou

Flying through gigantic volcanic eruption clouds
Prof. Herbert E. Huppert

Spotlight on...

Third year BCom/BSc (Advanced Mathematics) student, Dorothy Cheung, speaks about her experiences studying maths at UNSW, her Girls Do The Maths Scholarship, and her advice for young girls who are interested in mathematics.

A species distribution model uses mathematics to describe how environmental variables can affect the presence of a certain species of animal or plant.  An interdisciplinary group of researchers at UNSW use statistics, mathematical computation and ecology to create finely-tuned species distribution models.These models can be used to predict locations where a rare species might be found, or to help us to understand the potential threats to a species due to urban encroachment or climate change.

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