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Double-diffusive interleaving: Properties of the steady state (finite Prandtl number)
Yuehua Li

Influence of the East Australian Current on shelf dynamics and upwelling from repeat glider deployments
Amandine Schaeffer

Competing instabilities of the 3D boundary-layer flow over spinning bodies
Zahir Hussain

Spotlight on...

Dr Thomas Britz is a lecturer in the School of Mathematics and Statistics. In this interview, he reveals that he enjoys all aspects of his job, talks about some cool things that students have taught him, and discusses his research in Combinatorics.

An exponential sum is obtained by adding up certain types of complex numbers. Such sums are used in the solution of various problems in number theory. When the sums are plotted in the complex plane, the resulting plot can be very intricate and beautiful.

This article explores some features of exponential sums and their graphs... just for fun.

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