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On "Retro night, every night: statistical literacy and multivariate analysis in ecology". David...


This course is designed as an overview of statistical design and analysis for researchers. There is...



A Socratic look at the logical weaknesses of modern pure mathematics
Norman Wildberger

Density of Levy driven SDE: A parametrix approach
Dr Libo Li

Sard Theorem for the endpoint map in some sub-Riemannian manifolds
Alessandro Ottazzi

Unstructured-grid ocean modeling: some applications with the Finite-Volume Coastal Ocean Model
Zhi Gang Lai

Electricity Spot Prices: A Model based on Stable CARMA Processes and its Estimation
Prof Gernot Müller

Monte Carlo Methods and Nonlinear Stochastic Optimal Control Approximation
Dr Adrian Bishop

Graphs, C*-algebras and equilibrium states
Aidan Sims

Spotlight on...

Third year Advanced Mathematics student Daniel Altman is one to watch! He's started to amass quite a collection of prizes for his outstanding academic performance. In his interview, Daniel reveals what he likes about maths, the challenges of studying it, his interests away from uni, and more.

A species distribution model uses mathematics to describe how environmental variables can affect the presence of a certain species of animal or plant.  An interdisciplinary group of researchers at UNSW use statistics, mathematical computation and ecology to create finely-tuned species distribution models.These models can be used to predict locations where a rare species might be found, or to help us to understand the potential threats to a species due to urban encroachment or climate change.

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