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For students currently studying maths and stats at UNSW.

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The School of Mathematics and Statistics is currently offering a suite of six short professional...


This day is designed to give you a taste of university life as a science student. The School of...


Each year AMSI supports and sponsors eminent international researchers through the scientific...


"Colors of Math" film screening: The School of Mathematics and Statistics is hosting the Australian...


This year's Advanced Mathematics Day event is set to be held on Wednesday 23rd September. We invite...



The Mathematics of Swimming Collectives (AMSI Lecturer)
Prof. Michael Shelley

Spotlight on...

Dr Byron Jacobs is a visitor to the School, whose research area focuses on PDEs and image processing. He opens up about his academic career in South Africa, the work he is doing at UNSW, and what kindled his interest in mathematics.

An exponential sum is obtained by adding up certain types of complex numbers. Such sums are used in the solution of various problems in number theory. When the sums are plotted in the complex plane, the resulting plot can be very intricate and beautiful.

This article explores some features of exponential sums and their graphs... just for fun.

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