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There are currently no events planned within the School of Mathematics and Statistics at UNSW.

Visit the events archive to look at our recent events.


The What, Why and How of Categorification
Zsuzsanna Dancso

Gromov's theorem on groups of polynomial growth
Michael Cowling

Generalising AGM point-counting for elliptic curves over large finite fields of small characteristic
Michael Harrison

Inference for Social Network Models from Egocentrically-Sampled Data
Dr Pavel Krivitsky

Dr Peter Exterkate

Assoc/Prof Wei Wen

Importance sampling simulation of queues with time-varying rates
Assoc/Prof Ad Ridder

Prof Ross Maller

Spotlight on...

Third year BCom/BSc (Advanced Mathematics) student, Dorothy Cheung, speaks about her experiences studying maths at UNSW, her Girls Do The Maths Scholarship, and her advice for young girls who are interested in mathematics.

What is the best way to distribute a large number of points on the surface of a sphere? There are many answers to this question, depending on what you mean by "best". Many of these problems have intrigued researchers for many years, and some are still unsolved today.

Applications of this research range from modelling the Earth's climate to the design of golf balls.

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