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Study maths and stats at UNSW in Sydney

For students currently studying maths and stats at UNSW.

Research in maths and stats at UNSW Sydney

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Find the right information to help you choose a degree and learn more about life as a student at...


Join us for a celebration of mathematics! Look into your future on Advanced Mathematics Day. Hear...


Join us for this free public lecture, featuring Professor Philip Maini from the University of...


This course is designed as an overview of statistical design and analysis for researchers. There is...



Dissipation of geostrophic eddy energy in the Southern Ocean
Maxim Nikurashin

Computational Science and the Health Program of Capital Markets CRC
Assoc/Prof Federico Girosi

Operational Oceanography: a Naval Perspective
Lieutenant Commander Barbra Parker

Characterising the Semidiurnal Tide of the Coral and Tasman Seas
Lieutenant Daniel Boettger

Using journal articles to build and assess communication skills in undergraduate mathematics.
A/Prof. Leon Poladian

Spotlight on...

Dr Thomas Britz is a lecturer in the School of Mathematics and Statistics. In this interview, he reveals that he enjoys all aspects of his job, talks about some cool things that students have taught him, and discusses his research in Combinatorics.

What is mathematics all about? Is it about numbers, sets, groups and other "abstract objects"? If so, what sort of things are they, and why is mathematics so useful in real life? The "Sydney School", based at UNSW, argues that mathematics studies some real properties of things in the world, and that it is possible to say what properties they are.

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