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Generalising epidemic dynamics: Deriving a fractional SIR model
Anna McGann

A finite element method for Turing pattern formation
Zhaonan Lu

Extreme genus 3 curves over finite fields
Stephen Meagher

An introduction to the Atiyah-Singer index theorem
Stuart Hatzioannou

Quantised Calculus in One Dimension
Edward McDonald

Searching for tensor categories
Noah Snyder

Ranked Set Sampling (RSS) versus Simple Random Sampling (SRS) in the Estimation of the population Mean
Dr Ganes Ganesalingam

Explaining Credit Default Swap Spreads by Means of Realized Jumps and Volatilities in the Energy Market
Dr Katja Ignatieva

Spotlight on...

James Nichols speaks about his experiences as a postgrad research student in the School. We get him to spill on his role models, his PhD journey, what first enticed him to study maths, his interest in music, and his next move.

What happens when you bounce a ball on a table which is moving up and down? What if the ball has a hard side and a soft side? Analysis of the equations describing the motion of the ball and the table show that the resulting system can be chaotic, with very small changes to the initial conditions leading to quite different behaviour over time.

Many real-world processes are chaotic: this is why weather forecasting is so difficult! Researchers at UNSW use mathematics and computer simulations to gain a better understanding of chaotic systems.

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