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We look forward to welcoming our new Advanced Mathematics students for 2016! Join us on campus...


UNSW Science and Engineering: explore the possibilities. High school students and their parents...


 This course is designed as an overview of statistical design and analysis for researchers. There...



A review of Array-RQMC: Sorting methods and convergence rates
Pierre L'Ecuyer

Vector-valued function spaces and their use in partial differential equations
Mark Veraar

Numerical computations with functions defined on the sphere and disk
Alex Townsend

Continuous analogues of matrix factorizations
Alex Townsend

On QMC design sequences generated by determinantal point processes
Masatake Hirao

Spotlight on...

Dr Thomas Britz is a lecturer in the School of Mathematics and Statistics. In this interview, he reveals that he enjoys all aspects of his job, talks about some cool things that students have taught him, and discusses his research in Combinatorics.