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Study maths and stats at UNSW in Sydney

For students currently studying maths and stats at UNSW.

Research in maths and stats at UNSW Sydney

Industry partnerships with UNSW maths and stats


The Fifth Annual Meeting of the Australian and New Zealand Association of Mathematical Physics (...


This is a Professional Development course for high school maths and science teachers developed at...


The High-Dimensional Approximation (HDA) Workshop is a series of biennial international meetings...



Gonality preserving lifts of low genus curves
Jan Tuitman

Subfactors with infinite representation theory
Dietmar Bisch

Hamilton cycles in random hypergraphs
Catherine Greenhill

Spotlight on...

Dr Jan Zika is a brand new lecturer in Applied Maths! He tells us what first ignited his interest in oceanography and climate science, reveals the current challenges of his research, divulges his academic role models, and shares some tips for travelling to his childhood stomping ground, Tasmania.