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The School of Mathematics and Statistics is currently developing a suite of six short professional...


UNSW-CSIRO WORKSHOP Risk: modelling, optimization and inference  (with applications in Finance,...



Fractional differential equations
Adam Gray

Global optimization with polynomials: going back and forth between the convexity world and polynomial world
Yi Kang Yang

Optimizing the allocation of HIV resources
A/Prof. David Wilson, Dr. Cliff Kerr, Dr. Richard Gray, Dr. Andrew Shattock, Dr. Robyn Stuart and Dr. Sherrie Kelly

Cures for Curing
Aram Asatryan

Model performance evaluation and dynamic method on PROBABILITY OF DEFAULT modelling
Alex Kwok

Multilevel Monte Carlo applications to option pricing
Albert Lam

Efficient DNA matching using optimised alignment free sequence comparison
James Ross

Identifying the characteristics of neighbourhoods with different tendencies to default or churn on residential mortgages using Australian census data
Tony Vo

What is the best way to distribute a large number of points on the surface of a sphere? There are many answers to this question, depending on what you mean by "best". Many of these problems have intrigued researchers for many years, and some are still unsolved today.

Applications of this research range from modelling the Earth's climate to the design of golf balls.

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