Coming Seminars

Our regular seminar program covers a broad range of topics from applied mathematics, pure mathematics and statistics. All welcome, especially students. A complete list of past seminars can be accessed via the left-hand menu.

Sjoerd Groeskamp
In this talk I will take the opportunity to introduce myself and my work to the School of Mathematics and Statistics. Therefore, this talk will be a general overview of my work, with some in-depth parts.Most of my work is related to the study of...

Hendra Gunawan
For $1\le p \le q<\infty$, we define the Morrey space $\mathcal{M}^p_q({\mathbb R}^n)$ to be the set of all $p$-locally integrable functions on ${\mathbb R}^n$ such that \[ \| f \|_{{\mathcal M}^p_q} := \sup_{B \subset \mathbb{R}^n} |B|^{\frac{1...

Michela Castagnone
 The ability to generate uniformly random graphs is useful in many real world applications.  For example, we may model a given social network as a graph, and determine its key properties. In order to decide whether these properties are somehow ``...

Stephen Maher
To be confirmed.