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Study maths and stats at UNSW in Sydney

For students currently studying maths and stats at UNSW.

Research in maths and stats at UNSW Sydney

Industry partnerships with UNSW maths and stats


The purpose of this workshop is to link mathematicians working in operator theory and...


The sixth annual Postgraduate Conference will be held on Tuesday 13 August at UNSW. This one-day...


The 2019 Meet the Professors series is a wonderful chance for staff and students to celebrate the...


Join us for the seventh annual event of Number Theory Down Under, a meeting which promotes number...


A joint UNSW - Macquarie University Workshop 'Risk: Modelling, optimization and inference' with...



Integer sequences, asymptotics and diffraction
Michael Coons

Finite Field Metric Geometry (FFMG)
Michael Reynolds

Chaos, Dynamics and Differential Equations
Marat Akhmet

Everything I know about importance sampling and can cover in 45 minutes
Dr. Dan Simpson

Spectral properties of the regular boundary value problems for differential equations
Tynysbek Kalmenov

Using Animal Instincts to Find Efficient Experimental Designs for Biomedical Studies
Prof. Weng Kee Wong

Fundamental Gap conjecture and log-concavity
Daniel Hauer

Operator Holder Functions with respect to Lp-norms, 0<p≤∞
Jinghao Huang

Spotlight on...

PhD student Sabarina Shafie reveals the interesting way she first got into maths, gives some pointers on travelling to her home country Malaysia, divulges her hobbies, and opens up about some of the challenging & rewarding aspects of postgrad study...