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  This is an online professional development course for high school teachers that covers an...


  The School of Mathematics and Statistics at UNSW runs an annual series of free, one-day workshops...


  A Women in Mathematics and Statistics Lunch will be held on Thursday 17 May in the UNSW School of...


  Professor Cheryl Praeger is the 2018 UNSW Sydney Women in Mathematics and Statistics Ambassador....



Estimates for multiplicative character sums
Bryce Kerr

Turing patterns on time varying networks
Professor Timoteo Carletti

Modular representation theory of Lie algebras via categorification and knot theory
Vinoth Nandakumar

Gaps between zeros of the Riemann zeta-function
Caroline Turnage-Butterbaugh

Levy walks, anomalous transport on scale-free networks and human activity
Professor Sergei Fedotov

Cross-Sectional Effects of Common and Heterogeneous Regressors on Asymptotic Properties of Panel Unit Root Tests
Professor Katsuto Tanaka

Sydney Ideas – Inverse Problems and Harry Potter's Cloak
Gunther Uhlmann

Spotlight on...

Dr Libo Li is a young researcher and lecturer in the School who recently attracted an Early Career Research Grant. In his interview, he reveals his international upbringing, academic role models, and a very interesting hidden talent!