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Study maths and stats at UNSW in Sydney

For students currently studying maths and stats at UNSW.

Research in maths and stats at UNSW Sydney

Industry partnerships with UNSW maths and stats


The workshop UNSW-Macquarie University Workshop: "Risk: Modelling, Optimization and Inference" with...



Assessment in mathematics - debate and discussion
John Steel, Jonathan Kress and others

A study of constrained Navier-Stokes equations and related problems
Gaurav Dhariwal

The space of geometric realizations of a compact 4-manifold
Boris Lishak

Reward Observing Restless Multi Armed Bandits.
Yoni Nazarathy

NUMBAS: Formative Assessment for MATH1081
Dr Daniel Mansfield

Optimal forecast reconciliation
Rob J Hyndman

Recent progress on predicting breaking onset for water waves and modelling wave breaking influence in sea state forecast models
Michael L. Banner

A nice proof of Wei's duality theorem
Thomas Britz

Spotlight on...

Honours (Adv Maths) student Michela Castagnone got her first taste of university life as a high school student at our Girls Do the Maths workshop in 2012. She reveals what fascinates her about maths, the highlights of her studies at UNSW, and what she believes will help increase female participation in maths.