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ACCMCC is the annual conference of the Combinatorial Mathematics Society of Australasia and covers...


A joint UNSW - Macquarie University Workshop 'Risk: Modelling, optimization and inference' with...



Is online teaching always better? A reflection on a light Digital Uplift of MATH3411
Thomas Britz

On Szemeredi's Theorem with differences from a random set
Daniel Altman

When primes are just too hard…
Tim Trudgian

Tests for validity of the semiparametric heteroskedastic transformation model
Simos Meintanis

An overlapping decomposition framework for wave propagation simulation
Mahadevan Ganesh

Spotlight on...

Lecturer Dr Jan Zika tells us what first ignited his interest in oceanography and climate science, reveals the current challenges of his research, divulges his academic role models, and shares some tips for travelling to his childhood stomping ground, Tasmania.