2004 Statistics Preprints

  1. Second Quantization and the $L^p$-Spectrum of Nonsymmetric Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Operators
    J.M.A.M. van Neerven
  2. Lower Estimates of Transition Densities and Bounds on Exponential Ergodicity for Stochastic PDES
    B. Goldys and B. Maslowski
  3. Exponential Ergodicity for Stochastic Reaction-Diffusion Equations
    B. Goldys and B. Maslowski
  4. Exponential Ergodicity for Stochastic Burgers and 2D Navier-Stokes Equations
    B. Goldys and B. Maslowski (Modified on 04/08/04)
  5. Semiparametric Estimation of Mean and Variance Functions for Non-Gaussian Data
    D.J. Nott
  6. Adaptive Sampling for Bayesian Variable Selection
    D.J. Nott and R. Kohn
  7. Does a Latitudinal Gradient in Seedling Survival Favour Larger Seeds in the Tropics?
    A.T. Moles, D.I. Warton, R. Stevens and M. Westoby
    Appeared in: Ecology Letters
  8. A MANOVA Statistic is Just as Powerful as Distance-Based Statistics for Multivariate Abundances
    D.I. Warton and H.M. Hudson
    Appeared in: Ecology
  9. The Robustness to Failure of Assumptions of Tests for Common Slope of Several Allometric Lines
    D.I. Warton
  10. Most Multivariance Abundance Data Do Not Have Extra Zeros Compared to the Negative Binomial
    D.I. Warton
  11. Graph the Data: The Graphical Presentation of Multivariate Abundance Data
    D.I. Warton
  12. Trans-Dimensional Markov Chains: A Decade of Progress and Future Perspectives
     S.A. Sisson
  13. A Note on Bayesian Analyses of Capture-Recapture Data with Perfect Recaptures
    S.A. Sisson and Y.V. Chan
  14. Genetics and Statistical Sampling Do Mix!
    S.A. Sisson
  15. Towards Automating Model Selection for a Mark-Recapture-Recovery Analysis
    S.A. Sisson and Y. Fan
  16. Sexual Diamorphism, Survival and Dispersal in Red Deer
    E.A. Catchpole, Y. Fan, B.J.T. Morgan, T.H. Clutton-Brock and T.N. Coulson
    Appeared in: JABES
  17. Output Assessment of Monte Carlo Simulations via the Score Statistic
    Y. Fan., S.P. Brooks and A. Gelman
  18. Perfect Forward Simulation via Simulated Tempering
    S.P. Brooks, Y. Fan and J.S. Rosenthal
  19. Penalised Splines and Reproducing Kernel Methods
    N.D. Pearce and M.P. Wand
  20. Simple Fitting of Subject-Specific Curves for Longitudinal Data M. Durbán, J. Harezlack, M.P. Wand and R.J. Carroll
  21. General Design Bayesian Generalized Linear Mixed Models
    Y. Zhao, J. Staudenmayer, B.A. Coull and M.P. Wand
  22. Exact Likelihood Ratio Tests for Penalised Splines
    C. Crainiceanu, D. Ruppert, G. Claeskens and M.P. Wand
  23. Bayesian Analysis for Penalized Spline Regression Using WinBUGS
    C. Crainiceanu, D. Ruppert and M.P. Wand
  24. GBRDs with k=3 over Dicyclic Groups and with k=4 over Elementary Groups EA(g)
    R.J.R. Abel, D. Combe and W.D. Palmer
    Appeared in: Proceedings of AWOCA2004
  25. Propensity for and Correlates of Alcohol Sales to Underage Youth
    H. Britt, T.L. Toomey, W.T.M. Dunsmuir and A.C. Wagenaar
  26. Missing Data Methods for the Assessment of Surrogate Outcomes and Treatment Mechanisms in Clinical Trial Substudies
    S. Galbraith, I.C. Marschner and J. Simes
  27. Wavelet-Based Signal Analysis with Multiple Sampling Rates
    P. Hall and S. Penev
  28. On the Relationship Between Maximal Reliability and Maximal Validity of Linear Composites
    S. Penev and T. Raykov
  29. Maximal Reliability and Power in Covariance Structure Models
    S. Penev and T. Raykov
  30. A Direct Method for Obtaining Approximate Standard Error and Confidence Interval of Maximal Reliability for Composites with Congeneric Measures
    T. Raykov and S. Penev
  31. Estimation of Reliability of Multiple-Component Measuring Instruments in Test-Retest Designs
    T. Raykov and S. Penev
  32. Magic Labellings of Infinite Graphs over Infinite Groups
    D. Combe and A.M. Nelson
  33. Bayesian Subset Selection and Model Averaging using a Centered and Dispersed Prior for the Error Variance
    E. Cripps, R. Kohn and D.J. Nott
  34. Variable Selection and Covariance Selection in Multivariate Regression Models
    E. Cripps, C. Carter and R. Kohn
  35. Efficient feature selection based on Independent Component Analysis
    M. Prasad, Arcot S. and I Koch
  36. Efficient feature selector based on feature construction using Independent Component Analysis M. Prasad, Arcot S. and I Koch
  37. Understanding Australian illicit drug markets: Unsupervised learning with Independent Component Analysis
    S. Gilmour and I. Koch
  38. A distance-based diagnostic for trans-dimensional Markov chains
    S.A. Sisson and Y. Fan
  39. Sprouting by semi-arid plants: Testing a dichotomy and predictive traits
    P.A. Vesk, D.I. Warton and M. Westoby
    Appeared in: Oikos
  40. Information for generalised linear mixed models
    M.P. Wand
  41. Classifying Antibodies using Flow Cytometry Data: Class Prediction and Class Discovery
    M.P. Salganik, E.L. Milford, D.L. Hardie, S. Shaw and M.P. Wand
  42. Inference for Stereological Extremes
    P. Bortot, S. G. Coles and S. A. Sisson