2006 Statistics Preprints

  1. Using approximate Bayesian computation to estimate tuberculosis transmission parameters from genotype data
    M. M. Tanaka, A. R. Francis, F. Luciani and S. A. Sisson.
  2. Sequential Monte Carlo without likelihoods
    S. A. Sisson, Y. Fan and M. M. Tanaka.
  3. Can spot urine protein:creatinine ratios replace 24 hour urine protein in usual clinical nephrology practice?
    C. Lane, M. Brown, W. T. M. Dunsmuir, J. Kelly and G. Mangos.
  4. Unsupervised partitioning with principal component and independent component analysis
    S. Gilmour and I. Koch.
  5. Estimation of maximal reliability for multiple-component measuring instruments in multilevel designs.
    T. Raykov and S. Penev.
  6. Understanding road crash data better - factors that influence the likelihood of hospitalisation records matching police crash reports.
    S. Lujic, A. Hayen, C. Finch, W. T. M. Dunsmuir and S. Boufis.
  7. Can we predict recurrence of pre-eclampsia or gestational hypertension?
    M. A. Brown, W. T. M. Dunsmuir, L. Roberts, K. Ikin, J. Matthews, G. Mangos, C. Mackenzie and G. Davis.
  8. Feature Significance for Multivariate Kernel Density Estimation
    T. Duong, A. Cowling, I. Koch and M. P. Wand.
  9. Bayesian inference, Monte Carlo sampling and operational risk
    G. W. Peters and S. A. Sisson.
  10. The Ornstein-Uhlenbeck bridge and applications to Markov semigroups
    B. Goldys and B. Maslowski.
  11. Penalised spline support vector classifiers: Computational issues
    J. T. Ormerod, M. P. Wand and I. Koch.
  12. Support vector machine classification
    M. P. Wand.
  13. Streamlined variance calculations for semiparametric mixed models
    A. D. A. C. Smith and M. P. Wand.
  14. On semiparametric regression with O'Sullivan penalised splines
    M. P. Wand and J. T. Ormerod.
  15. Edge-magic group labellings of countable graphs
    N. Cavenagh, D. Combe and A. M. Nelson.
  16. Penalized likelihood multivariate regression for high-dimensional data
    D. I. Warton.
  17. Which Wald statistic? Choosing a parameterisation of the Wald statistic to maximise power in k-sample generalised estimating equations
    D. I. Warton.
  18. How many words do you know? An integrated assessment task for introductory statistics students
    D. I. Warton.
  19. When used as a metacommunity model, the zero-sum multinomial has better fit to plant species abundance distributions than the lognormal
    M. A. Forster and D. I. Warton.
  20. Arbritrage pricing of defaultable game options with applications to convertible bonds
    T. R. Bielecki, S. Crépey, M. Jeanblanc and M. Rutkowski.
  21. Valuation and hedging of defaultable game options in a hazard process model
    T. R. Bielecki, S. Crépey, M. Jeanblanc and M. Rutkowski.
  22. Defaultable options in a Markovian intensity model of credit risk
    T. R. Bielecki, S. Crépey, M. Jeanblanc and M. Rutkowski.
  23. PDE approach to the valuation and hedging of Basket credit derivatives
    M. Rutkowski and K. Yousiph.
  24. Hedging of basket credit derivatives in credit default swap market
    T. R. Bielecki, M. Jeanblanc and M. Rutkowski.
  25. Gene expression correlates of post infective fatigue syndrome following infectious mononucleosis. 
    B. Cameron, S. Galbraith, Y. Zhang, T. Davenport, U. Vollmer-Conna D. Wakefield, I. Hickie, W.T.M. Dunsmuir , T. Whistler, S., W.C. Reeves and A. R. Lloyd
  26. On the attribution of probabilities to the causes of disease
    P. Cooke and A. Cowling.
  27. Simulation studies of surrogate endpoint validation using single trial and multi-trial statistical approaches.
    M. Lassere, K. Johnson, M. Hughes, D. Altman, M. Buyse, S. Galbraith and G. Wells.
  28. Definitions and Validation Criteria for Biomarkers and Surrogate Endpoints: Development and Testing of a Quantitative Hierarchical Levels of Evidence Schema.
    M. N. Lassere, K. R. Johnson, M. Boers, P. Tugwell, P. Brooks, L. Simon, V. Strand, P. Conaghan, M. Østergaard, W. P. Maksymowych, R. Landewé, B. Bresnihan, P. P. Tak, R. Wakefield, W. Grassi, P. Mease, C. O. Bingham III, M. Hughes, D. Altman, M. Buyse, S. Galbraith and G. Wells.