2010 Statistics Preprints

  1. Blind Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio over Fading Channels and Frequency Offsets
    Ido Nevat, Gareth Peters and Jinhong Yuan
  2. Bayesian Symbol Detection for Relay Systems via Likelihood-free Inference 
    Gareth Peters, Ido Nevat, Scott Sisson, Yanan Fan and Jinhong Yuan.
  3. Channel Tracking for Relay Networks via Adaptive Particle Markov chain Monte Carlo 
    Ido Nevat, Gareth Peters, Arnaud Doucet and Jinhong Yuan
  4. Ecological non-linear state space model selection via adaptive particle Markov chain Monte Carlo (AdPMCMC) 
    Gareth W. Peters, Geoff R. Hosack, Keith R. Hayes
  5. Bayesian Cointegrated Vector Autoregression models incorporating Alpha-stable noise for inter-day price movements via Approximate Bayesian Computation 
    Gareth W. Peters, Balakrishnan B. Kannan, Ben Lasscock, Chris Mellen and Simon Godsill
  6. Parameter stimation for Hidden Markov Models with intractable likelihoods 
    Thomas Dean, Sumeetpal Singh, Ajay Jasra and Gareth Peters
  7. The Impact of Media Reporting of Suicide on Actual Suicides in Taiwan, 2002-2005 
    Ying-Yeh Chen, Feng Chen and Paul S.F. Yip
  8. On the Behaviour of Tests Based on Sample Spacings for Moderate Samples 
    Penev, S. and Ruderman, A.
  9. Edgeworth Expansion for the Kernel Quantile Estimator 
    Maesono, Y. and Penev, S
  10. Kusuoka Representation of Higher Order Dual Risk Measures 
    Dentcheva, D., Penev, S. and Ruszczyński, A
  11. Impact of Insurance for Operational Risk: Is it worthwhile to insure or be insured for severe losses?
    Gareth W Peters, Aaron D. Byrnes and Pavel V. Shevchenko
  12. The arcsine is asinine: the analysis of proportions in ecology 
    David I. Warton and Francis K. C. Hui
  13. Distance-based multivariate analyses confound location and dispersion effects 
    David I. Warton and Stephen T. Wright