2011 Statistics Preprints

  1. Modelling extreme risks in Ecology
    Mark Burgman, James Franklin, Geoffrey R. Hossack, Gareth W Peters and Scott A. Sisson
  2. Channel Tracking for Relay Networks with Particle MCMC
    Ido Nevat, Gareth Peters and Jinhong Yuan
  3. Spectrum Sensing in Co-Operative Cognitive Networks with Partial CSI
    Ido Nevat, Gareth Peters and Jinhong Yuan
  4. Nonparametric Confidence Intervals for Quantiles for Moderate Sample Sizes
    Y. Maesono and S. Penev
  5. Analytic Loss Distributional Approach Model for Operational Risk form Alpha-Stable Doubly Stochastic Compound Process and Implications for Capital Allocation
    Gareth W Peters, Pavel Shevchenko, Mark Young and Wendy Yip
  6. Dividend optimization for regime-switching general diffusions.
    Jinxia Zhu and Feng Chen
  7. Severe uncertainty and informatio-gap theory: A commentary for ecologists and environmental managers
    Keith Hayes, Geoff Hossack, Simon Barry, Gareth Peters
  8. Estimating nonlinear ecological state space models with flexible observation error
    Geoff Hossack, Gareth Peters, Keith Hayes
  9. Co-operative Spectrum Sensing with Partial CSI
    Ido Nevat, Gareth W. Peters, Iain Collings and Jinhong Yuan
  10. Online calibration and filtering for multi factor commodity models with seasonality: incorporating panel data from futures contracts
    Gareth W. Peters, Mark Briers, Pavel V. Shevchenko and Arnaud Doucet
  11. Semi-Blind System Identification in Wireless Relay Networks via Gaussian Process Iterated Conditioning on the Modes Estimation
    Gareth W. Peters, Ido Nevat, Jinhong Yuan and Ian Collings
  12. Adaptive Markov Chain Monte Carlo Forward Simulation for Statistical Analysis in Epidemic Modelling of Human Papilloma Virus
    Igor A. Korostil, Gareth W. Peters,  David Regan, and Julien Cornebise
  13. Optimising fauna surveys for predicting species distributions for bioregional assessment.
    Bino G., Ramp D., Warton D.I. & Kingsford R.T.  
  14. mvabund - an R package for model-based analysis of multivariate abundance data in ecology
    Wang Y., Naumann U., Wright S.T. & Warton D.I.  
  15. smatr 3 - an R package for estimation and inference about allometric lines. 
    Warton D.I., Duursma R.A., Falster D.S. and Taskinen S.  
  16. A novel approach to quantify and locate microrefugia using topoclimate, climate stability, and isolation from the matrix
    Ashcroft M.B., Gollan J.R., Warton D.I. & Ramp D.
  17. Inference for a non-stationary self-exciting point process with an application in ultra-high frequency financial data modelling.
    Feng Chen and Peter Hall.