Department of Applied Mathematics

The Department of Applied Mathematics at UNSW is one of the largest and most successful in Australia. It is an active centre for research, both fundamental and applied.

The research areas of the Department currently comprise Biomathematics; Computational Mathematics; Fluid Dynamics, Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences; Nonlinear Phenomena; and Optimisation.

Staff members work on a wide range of research projects in applied mathematics, and participate in collaborative research activities with leading international researchers. The national and international standing of the Department in its chosen areas of research has been maintained by a distinguished publication record, with hundreds of peer-reviewed research papers appearing over the last several years. Department members have received prestigious awards and international recognition for outstanding research in recent years.

The Department of Applied Mathematics provides a vigorous postgraduate program and has a substantial enrolment of high-quality postgraduate students. Please see Studying Applied Mathematics at UNSW for more information on undergraduate and postgraduate study.

The UNSW Climate Change Research Centre (CCRC) is a centre which evolved out of the School of Mathematics and Statistics, with members from the Department of Applied Mathematics. It became an independent centre within the Faculty of Science in October 2008, but continues to collaborate closely with the School.

The Department also has close links with, and is a heavy user of, regional (Intersect) and national (National Computational Infrastructure) centres for high performance computing, as well as the School's own high performance computing resources.

Please see Seminars for upcoming Applied seminars.