Information for Casual Tutors

The School of Mathematics and Statistics teaches a large number of tutorials and relies heavily on both full-time staff and on a large number of casual tutors. Casual tutors generally, but not exclusively, take tutorials in First Year Mathematics.

Applying to be a tutor in the School

If you haven't tutored for the School before, please fill out the Part-time Teaching Eligibility List Application Form. If your application is successful then you will be placed on the list of people who are eligible as part-time tutors in the School. Note that casual tutoring is usually only given to people who have completed a degree, preferably at Honours Level, in Mathematics. 

In order to be eligible to tutor in the School, you will need to present a short Demonstration Tutorial to a small group of staff members. You will be asked to solve and explain the solutions to two problems, one from first year algebra and one from calculus. A list of questions and further information regarding this is available. Mentoring is provided to new tutors.

Once you are on the eligibility list, you will need to fill out the Application Form for Existing Tutors. Further details are given below.

Existing tutors

Those tutors who have tutored with us in the past are asked to complete the Application Form for Existing Tutors (above). This is a webform on the School's website and can be found here: Application Form for Existing Tutors. This form needs to be completed at least three weeks prior to the start of each term.

For general information, help and teaching advice, see the Tutor's Information Handbook

Exam marking

At the end of each semester, casual exam marking opportunities exist.  A new application should be made for each Term and should be completed by Monday of week 10.  The application form is online here: Application for exam marking.