Department of Pure Mathematics

The Department of Pure Mathematics at UNSW is one of the strongest and most successful in Australia. Research interests of Pure staff members span a wide spectrum of pure mathematics, from harmonic and functional analysis, through to algebra and discrete mathematics, with applications in areas such as physics and computer science.

The research areas of the Department comprise Algebra; Combinatorics; Functional and Harmonic Analysis; Geometry and Mathematical Physics; and Number Theory.

There are strong research links with the School's other departments; for example the Nonlinear Phenomena group spans both Applied and Pure, while the Combinatorics group includes members from Statistics.

Pure Mathematics is concerned with fundamental mathematical structures, and studies them for their own sake. Researchers may be driven by the beauty of the problem or the difficulty of the solution. Mathematics that is considered to be "pure" can later turn out to have unexpected applications. Finance, computer science and cryptography are all areas where pure mathematics is now of vital importance.

The Department has an active seminar program. Details can be found on our Seminars page.

The Department of Pure Mathematics provides a vigorous postgraduate program and has a substantial enrolment of high quality postgraduate students. Please see Studying Pure Mathematics at UNSW for more information on undergraduate and postgraduate study.