School Advisory Board

The School of Mathematics and Statistics at UNSW is the largest of its kind in the country, and has a proud tradition of fundamental research through to cutting edge applications, allied with a strong focus in mathematical learning and teaching. The Advisory Board's aim is to advise and assist the School in its research and teaching work, covering all aspects of engagement with the community in general, and its stakeholder groups in particular.

Current Advisory Board Members

Bruce Henry (Chair) Head of School, UNSW School of Mathematics and Statistics
John Roberts Deputy Head of School, UNSW School of Mathematics and Statistics
Albert Boggess Director, School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, Arizona State University
Gary Brassington Principal Research Scientist, Australian Bureau of Meteorology, Environment & Research
Andrea Connell Principal, Sydney Girls High School
Herbert Huppert Fellow, Royal Society; Professor at Cambridge and UNSW
Bernard Kachoyan Head of Maritime Requirements Analysis, Maritime Operations Research, DSTO
Louise Robert-Smith Principal, MLC School
Annelies Tjetjep Customer Success Manager, SAS
Ben Waterhouse Owner, Model Solutions