Women in Mathematics and Statistics

The School of MatheLogo with female symbol and mathematical plotmatics and Statistics runs a Women in Mathematics and Statistics program, to support female staff and students and provide them with networking opportunities.  The School is very grateful for funding from the David and Claire Paradice Fund which supports this program. Our activities include:

Girls Do The Maths workshops: The School has hosted our annual Girls Do The Maths workshops for female high school students since 2005. The workshop takes place annually in May.

Public Lectures: In May 2014, we were very pleased to host mathematical historian Prof. Karen Parshall from the University of Virginia, who gave a public lecture on Tuesday 27 May 2014, entitled "Becoming a Mathematician in Turn-of-the-Twentieth-Century America: The Women's Story".

Networking lunches: The last Women in Mathematics and Statistics lunch for female staff and students of the School was held on Friday 22 May 2015 in the School's Staff Room (12pm - 2pm).

Scholarships and prizes: The School offers Girls Do The Maths undergraduate scholarships for female mathematics majors, and the Paradice Honours Scholarship for female students entering an Honours year in mathematics. We also award Women in Mathematics and Statistics prizes for high performance by female students at each undergraduate level.

For more information, contact DoTheMaths@unsw.edu.au .