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AMSI Summer School 2012 - Frequently Asked Questions









Must I register to attend the lectures?

Yes. You may attend Summer School lectures only if you have registered and paid the registration fee, even if you only want to sit in on a course. This applies in particular to UNSW students and staff.

How much does it cost to register?

The registration fee is $195 for participants from AMSI member institutions and $390 for all other applicants. Prices are inclusive of GST. The registration fee is the same whether you sign up for one or two courses.

How do I register and pay?

To register, use the online registration form. Once you have completed the registration form, payment instructions will be emailed to you.

Can I get a refund for my registration fee?

Some departments refund students their Summer School registration fee. You should contact your honours coordinator or head of department to see if you are entitled to a refund. Registrants who wish to withdraw their Summer School application and obtain a refund of the registration fee must apply to do so by 2 December 2012 by emailing the Summer School Director at amsi2012 ** (replace ** with @).

Who is eligible for travel and accommodation support?

Only "AMSI students", meaning anyone who will be enrolled as an honours or postgraduate student at an AMSI member institution during first semester 2012. The awarding of financial support is made by the Summer School organisers and is dependent on the number of applicants and the nature of their studies. Priority is given to students enrolled in honours programs in the mathematical sciences.

How do I know if I am an AMSI student?

To confirm that you are an AMSI student, your application can be endorsed by your current supervisor, honours coordinator, or head of department, but if he or she is not from the relevant institution, then some other evidence of your enrolment may be required. Other circumstances which lead you to believe that you should qualify as an AMSI student will be considered on a case-by-case basis. View the list of AMSI member institutions here.

How many courses can I enrol in?

Students may enrol in at most two courses. We do not recommend taking more than one course for assessment. If you take a course for assessment, be sure to check with your home university about whether it can be counted towards your degree.

Am I guaranteed to get into my chosen courses?

No, but every effort will be made to accommodate your choice. Where necessary, preference will be given on the basis of first come, first served. The final decision on course placements is at the discretion of the organisers.


What are the key dates?

First registration deadline: Friday 4 Nov 2011
Final registration deadline: Friday 2 Dec 2011
Accommodation arrival: Sunday 8 Jan 2012
Start of lectures: Monday 9 Jan 2012
End of lectures: Friday 3 Feb 2012

Priority for financial support and course selection will be given to registrations received and paid by the first registration deadline. Exams will conducted at students' home institutions soon after the summer school ends. Dates for the exams and release of marks for courses taken for credit will be decided during the summer school.

Will the courses have assessment?

Assessment will be offered for each course and you will need to inform the lecturer if you intend to take the course for assessment. Assessment will only be compulsory for those students taking a course for credit towards their degree. Contact your head of department or honours coordinator for guidance as to whether this will be possible at your home university.

How many lectures does a course involve?

Each course has 28 contact hours, that is, 7 hours per week on average.

Can international students attend?

Certainly, but they must be enrolled as an honours or postgraduate student in an Australian Institution at the time of the Summer School.

Can staff at Australian universities attend?

Yes, but no accommodation or travel support is provided for university staff members. The registration for staff from AMSI member institutions is $195 and for all others is $390. Where places in a course are becoming filled, staff applicants will be given the lowest priority.

I am a student at a non-AMSI institution. Can you make an accommodation booking for me?

Yes, we will be happy to make a booking for you at the college where we have a block booking, subject to availability.

I live in Sydney. Can I get free accommodation during the Summer School?

No. However, if you are faced with exceptional difficulties of some sort, feel free to talk to us. Sydney students are of course invited to attend all events on the social program free of charge.

I am not an honours student, postgraduate student or university staff member. Am I able to attend?

Yes, if you are from an AMSI member institution such as the Bureau of Statistics or CSIRO. Registration of other applicants is at the discretion of the Summer School Director.