This form is to be filled by UNSW MATH & STATS students only  to take AMSI Summer School course/s as part of their Honours program.

The AMSI Summer School (Year) program enables students to take up to two intensive honours/Postgraduate-level courses during the four-week virtual school; however, you can only nominate one for credit/assessment (at the time of application).

The Summer School will be conducted Virtually.

You need to seek approval from the Honours Co-ordinators or the Postgraduate Coursework Director as some courses are similar to our offerings.

For students in Undergraduate programs wanting to study MATH5015 AMSI (not for Honours program), please send a request directly to the ug.MathsStats@unsw.edu.au email account only.  We will communicate with you and provide enrolment if approved. 

AMSI Course Selection
Please select courses after you have received approval from your Honours or Postgraduate Coordinator.

Two AMSI courses must be taken 1 of which you need to sit the exam for 1 and the 2nd course will require a written project for final assessment the mark will be counted towards your UNSW MATH5015 AMSI course enrolment.

Honours coordinator - Dr Christopher Angstmann OR Post graduate coordinator- Dr Gery Geenens

You Will need to register through AMSI http://ss.amsi.org.au/

UNSW MATHS students should email the completed ER1 form with registration invoice to m.lugton@unsw.edu.au once you have completed Summer School  and providing you are enrolled in MATH5015.   

UNSW MATH5015 AMSI course will be offered in term 1 (not Summer) due to overlapping terms. 


Please add pdf copy of your academic statement / Transcript
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