Application form for existing tutors

Use this form to indicate your preferences for tutorial classes in term 3 2019.

This form is only to be used by casual staff who have previously taught in the School of Mathematics and Statistics UNSW or who have been placed on an eligibility list.  Applicants with no previous experience with the School should instead fill out the CASUAL TEACHING ELIGIBILITY LIST APPLICATION form available at .


  • The number of tutorials that need to be staffed varies from year to year. The submission of this form does not guarantee employment.
  • Applications will not be processed until a couple of weeks before the start of term and part-time loads will not be finalised until just before the start of term.
  • Tutorials for many courses start in Week 1.
  • Due to classes being amalgamated or closed down your load may fluctuate during session.
  • As a condition of being employed as a part time tutor, you must agree to be available to help with paid examination marking at the end of session.
  • All first year tutors must be familiar with the Maple symbolic algebra package.
  • Some first year tutors must enter the test marks for their class(es) into the school’s database via the staff web portal as the semester progresses.
  • Rates of pay can be found at
  • Applications for Term 3 2019 should be made by 30th August 2019.


Fill out the details below and click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.  A confirmation will be sent to the email that you provide.  If you do not receive this email, please check with Jonathan Kress ( to ensure your application has been received.


Personal details
Select your preferences from the options below. You can select as many 1st, 2nd, etc preferences as you like. This indicates your relative preference between courses and some may be equal. Note that MATH1131, MATH1231, MATH1241 will alternate calculus and algebra in the same timeslot each week. If you only want to take one of algebra or calculus, please add a comment to the notes box at the bottom of the form. Class tests will be separate from the tutorials in these courses.
1st2nd3rd4th5thDefinitely not
Lab test supervision
MATH1011 Tutorial
MATH1031 Tutorial
MATH1031 Assignment marking
MATH1041 Tutorial
MATH1041 Assignment marking
MATH1081 Tutorial
MATH1081 Assignment marking
MATH1131 Algebra and Calculus Tutorial
MATH1131 Assignment marking
MATH1141 Algebra and Calculus Tutorial
MATH1141 Assignment marking
MATH1231 Algebra and Calculus Tutorial
MATH1231 Assignment marking
Second year Stats (Matlab required)
Second year Engineering Tutorial
Second year Other (write a comment below)
On the timetable below select those times times where you are NOT available to teach. Please leave open as many times as possible, as classes will only be assigned to empty slots!
Additional notes
Indicate below any special issues or requests you would like to have considered as a part of your application.
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