Bridging Course tutorial preferences

To help plan classes and consultations for the Winter 2019 UNSW Mathematics Bridging Course, please read the information below and complete the form at the bottom of this page.

The bridging course will have both face-to-face tutorials and virtual online video consultation sessions. The face-to-face tutorials will run as study sessions with discussion, help and instruction from the tutor as needed. If you can't or don't wish to attend these sessions, you can ask questions at the online video consultation sessions. The video online consultation sessions are open to everyone regardless of tutorial attendance.

The face-to-face tutorials will be in Ainsworth 101 from 10am to 12noon on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from Monday 19 August until Friday 6th September. The virtual consultation sessions will use online classroom software called Blackboard Colllaborate.  This software can run in your browser on a laptop, tablet or phone or you can use the Android of iPhone/iPad app.  Details will be posted on OpenLearning.

If you have any questions, please post your question in the Tutorials section on OpenLearning.

Online video consultation times
Choose the times that you could use the online video consultation. The schedule for the sessions will be arranged to suit the greatest number of students subject to staff availability. Please choose as many times as possible, not just the times you want.
If you have any additional restrictions or requests, please describe them here.