Casual tutoring eligibility list application

This application form is only for tutors who have not previsiously worked as a tutor in the School of Mathematics and Statistics at UNSW Sydney.  Applicants who already have previous teaching experience with the School should instead fill out the application for existing tutors form.

Fill out all mandatory fields and then click the "Submit" button at the bottom of this page.  You will recieve an automatic email confirmation of this application.

As part of the application process, you will be required to successfully present a short demonstration to a small group of staff members.  For further information on this demostration, refer to the School's information for sessional tutors page.

If you are successful:

  • You must fill complete the application for casual teaching webform.
  • Being on the eligible lits does not guarantee employment.
  • You will need to attend a briefling on Friday of Week 1 of semester.  You will receive details about this separately.
  • If you are given classes, you will be given a pigeonhole in the School's mail room (Red-Centre 3080).  Initial information and roll books will be placed in your pigeohole.  You should check this regularly for updated rolls and other information.  You must also check your UNSW staff email regularly for any announcements related to  your teaching.
  • The School has an ongoing mentoring program for all new tutors.  You will receive information about this at the Week 1 briefing.



Indicate whether you wish to be considered for maths tutoring, stats tutoring or both.
Include other part-time work.