Timetable clash request

This clash form should only be used for clashes between a MATH course and another course from outside of the Faculty of Science.  If your clash is with another Faculty of Science course, please use the Clash Appropral Request form that can be found on the Faculty of Science forms page.

If you are unable to enrol in a course offered by the School of Mathematics and Statistics due to a timetable clash with a course from another faculty, please read the rules related to timetable clashes below, fill out the form at the bottom of the page and click "Submit".

Rules relating to timetable clashes

  • Ensure that you are already enrolled in the non maths courses that clash as we can enrol you in Maths
    courses only.
  • If you have an overload then your Program Authority needs to approve this and permission needs to be
    attached to this application.
  • You must rearrange your enrolment first to overcome any timetable clashes before seeking to enroll in
    courses with a timetable clash.
  • Student Services can automatically permit a 1 hour lecture clash. Clashes with tutorials are not
    permitted. Students must attend all tutorials.
  • If your clash is more than 1 hour you are required to seek permission from the lecturer of the course
    you will be missing before submitting this form to Student Services Staff for processing. An email from
    the lecturer attached to this form is sufficient evidence of approval.
  • You should ensure space is available in the classes requested and that you have met the prerequisite
    requirements for the course you wish to be enrolled into, otherwise your form will not be processed and
    you will not be enrolled.
  • By nominating to enrol in two classes that clash, you are accepting responsibility for managing the
    clash and accept the increased risk of failure associated with this. Enrolment with a timetable clash will
    not be grounds for special consideration for failure or poor performance in a course.
  • You are responsible for your own enrolment and ensuring the courses you are nominating to enrol in
    are meeting the requirements of your degree program. Manual enrolment by Student Services staff is
    not confirmation that a particular course will count towards your degree requirements. If you are unsure
    about your program requirements you should speak with your Program Authority.
  • This form must be used for all clash requests.
  • The School has the right to refuse a clash based on academic performance.

By completing the form you agree that you understand that that enrolling in these courses with a timetable clash may adversely affect my results in both of them. I also understand that a timetable clash is not an allowable reason for a request for special consideration.


Clashing courses
Ensure you are enrolled in the non-maths course first.
Tutorials and labs
Tutorials/Labs need to be nominated or we are unable to process your clash. If more than one then please list both. Class number, day and time needs to be listed
Additional information
Any additional information relevant to your request can be explained in the box below.