MATH2099 Mathematics 2B

MATH2099 is a Level II course which is available only to students for whom it is specifically required as part of their program. See the course overview below.

Units of credit: 6

Prerequisites: MATH1231 or MATH1241 or MATH1251 or DPST1014

Exclusions: BEES2041, MATH2501, MATH2601, MATH2801, MATH2901, MATH2859, MATH2089

Cycle of offering: Term 2 

Graduate attributes: The course will enhance your research, inquiry and analytical thinking abilities.

More information: This course outline (pdf) contains information about course objectives, assessment, course materials and the syllabus.

The Online Handbook entry contains up-to-date timetabling information.

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Course Overview

Linear Algebra:

Vector spaces, linear transformations, change of basis, inner products, orthogonalization, least squares approximation, QR factorization, determinants, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, diagonalization, Jordan forms, matrix exponentials and applications to systems of differential equations, other applications of linear algebra.

Probability and Statistics:
Sample spaces, probability, random variables and probability distributions, standard discrete and continuous distributions, multivariate distributions, Central Limit Theorem, statistical inference, confidence intervals and hypothesis testing, linear regression, inference in the linear model.