MATH5826 Statistical Methods in Epidemiology

MATH5826 is a Honours and Postgraduate Coursework Mathematics course. See the course overview below.

Units of credit: 6

Cycle of offering: Term 3 in Trimester, however not offered in 2019.

Graduate attributes: The course will enhance your research, inquiry and analytical thinking abilities.

More information: 

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The Online Handbook entry contains information about the course. (The timetable is only up-to-date if the course is being offered this year.) 

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Course Overview

Epidemiology is the study of factors that impact on the occurrence and outcome of diseases in human populations. In contrast to clinical trials, epidemiological studies are generally observational in nature. In an observational study the role of the investigator is passive: they observe the individuals and collect relevant data, but do not influence the course of events. This course will provide an introduction to statistical methods appropriate for these types of studies.