Computing Facilities

The School of Mathematics and Statistics runs two undergraduate student laboratories, containing a network of approximately 150 personal computers (PCs) which run either the Linux or Microsoft Windows 7 operating system (see below). It does not matter which PC you use at any particular session, they all behave the same way.  The School also provides access to some virtual lab PCs so that students can work from home or their own laptop.


The School's laboratories are in rooms G012 and M020 of the Red Centre. Room M020 is through the glass door (and along the corridor) opposite the School's entrance to the Red Centre. 

Room G012 is down the stairs from the main entrance, and is split into three sections "A", "B" and "C". The "A" and "C" sections also provide data projection facilities and are therefore not always available for general use. All PCs in the labs have both Windows and Linux installed, but the "C" section (which is immediately to your left as you enter the lab) is usually set up by default to use Windows and the "A" section will by default use Linux.

More details on these terminals are given in the Student Lab Notes.

The following table describes the labs:

Laboratory  Descriptions
M020  40 PCs, may be a mixture of Windows and Linux, may be booked for classes.
G012A  35 Linux PCs, often booked for teaching sessions.
G012B  40 PCs, may be a mixture of Windows and Linux, normally available for general use.
G012C  38 Windows PCs, often booked for teaching sessions.

Check near the door of G012 to find out when G012A or G012C is booked.

These laboratories also have a printer that students can use. The student laboratories use the same system as the library. See the printing page for more information.

Virtual Lab PCs

The School provides 3 Linux PC, sigma, sigma2 and sigma3, that can be accessed remotely by students.  These computers are the same as the Linux PCs in the Red-Centre labs. 

For information on how to access these computers see the x2go instructions.

This service should be available 24 hours per day. However, this is NOT guaranteed and no support will be provided outside of normal hours (ie 9-5 Monday to Friday). If the service fails outside of normal hours, it will probably not be fixed until the next working day.

Please report problems with this service to the Maths and Stats helpdesk window in RC-M020.


If you have technical (hardware) difficulties, then contact the School's Helpdesk in lab M020, which is open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

For problems with mathematics or the use of software, contact the lecturer in charge of your course or ask one of the Maple consultants on duty in G012B.  Maple consultants are available from 11am to 4pm Monday to Friday until the end of Week 9 of semester 1 and 2.  Note that the consultants are primarily paid to help first year students with Maple (and some of them can also help with Matlab) and therefore may not be in a position to help other students.

Transferring files

You can use a USB memory key with the lab PCs. See the Student Lab Notes for details on how to do this with the Linux PCs. Alternatively, you can use email to transfer files.