Current Research Students

PhD Students
Research Area
Shaymaa Shawkat Kadhim Al-Shakarchi

Banach algebras

Ian Doust
Haya Saeed N Aldosari

Graph Theory and Hypergraphs

Catherine Greenhill
Fadi Antown

Dynamical Systems and Optimization

Gary Froyland
Carlos Enrique Aya Moreno

Wavelets, non-parametric statistics, functional data analysis

Spiridon Penev
Peter Ayre

Asymptotic and probabilistic graph theory

Catherine Greenhill
Sebastian Belfari

Universal Hyperbolic Geometry, Mobius Geometry and the Special Theory of Relativity

Wolfgang Schief
Yi-Lung Chen

Computational  Statistics and Data Science

Zdravko Botev
Vincent Chin

Markov Chain Mote Carlo/Approximate Bayesian computation

Scott Sisson
Stephanie Clark

Spatio-temporal modelling in hydrology

Scott Sisson & Ashish Sharma (Civil Eng)
Raveen de Silva

Functional analysis

Ian Doust
Elliott Dovers

Cox process regression models for multi-species presence-only data in ecology

David Warton
Mithilesh Dronavalli

Causal inference for epidemiological study designs

Jake Olivier
Farah El Rafei

A posteriori error estimates of a convergent numerical scheme for a hyperbolic nonlinear problem

Thanh Tran
Austen Erickson

Reaction-diffusion equation modelling of the early stages of sexual infection with HIV and the impact of microbicides

John Murray
Harry Gibbs

New directions for the spectral method of transfer operators

Gary Froyland
Alexander Gilbert

Computational Mathematics, Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods

Frances Kuo & Ian Sloan
Gurtek Singh Gill

Anomalous diffusion models of limit order books

Peter Straka
Catheryn Gray

Mathematical modelling of the insulin signalling pathway in adipocytes

Adelle Coster
Jinghao Huang

Functional analysis, double operator integrals

Fedor Sukochev
Yoshihito Kazashi

Computational Mathematics

Ian Sloan
Manzoor Khan

Regression to the mean effects in interrupted time series designs

Jake Olivier
Eric Kwok

Dynamical Systems

Gary Froyland & Bruce Henry
Xin Lei

Nonparametric cluster analysis

Spiridon Penev
Yuehua Li

The horizontal residual mean: overcoming the limited spatial resolution in ocean climate models

Trevor McDougall
Kevin Limanta

Harmonic functions and Fourier theory in Euclidean and non-Euclidean spaces

Norman Wildberger
Huan Lin

Analysing Big Data using symbolic data analysis

Scott Sisson
Daniel Mackinlay

Regularisation methods in spatial stochastic process inference

Zdravko Botev
Simon Macourt

Analytic Number Theory

Igor Shparlinski
Adam Mammoliti

Extremal set theory

Thomas Britz
Edward McDonald

Functional Analysis

Fedor Sukochev
Anna McGann

Non-Markovian random walks with applications to epidemiological models

Bruce Henry & Chris Angstmann
Robert Nguyen

Statistical Methods in Australian Rules Football

David Warton
Firouzeh Noghrehchi

Spatial models with uncertainty in predictors

Spiro Penev
Gennady Notowidigo

The geometry of the tetrahedron and higher dimensional rational trigonometry

Norman Wildberger
Jeremy Nugent

Higher order symmetries of Lorentzian manifolds

Jonathan Kress
Juan Ignacio Ortega Piwonka

Nonlinear dynamics, stochastic processes

Bruce Henry
Benoit Pasquier

Oceanography (biochemical cycles)

Mark Holzer
Gordana Popovic

Multivariate and spatiotemporal modelling of species abundance data

William Dunsmuir & David Warton
Nina Ribbat

Circulation & mixing driving nutrient enrichment on the continental shelf of NSW

Moninya Roughan
Kylie-Anne Richards

Statistical models and methods for limit order execution in financial markets

William Dunsmuir & Gareth Peters
Stefan Riha

Construction of Neutral Density in real time in ocean models

Trevor McDougall
Carlos Rocha

Biogeochemical modelling of the Tasman Sea

Moninya Roughan
Thais Carvalho Rodrigues

Computational Bayesian statistics, Bayesian quantile regression

Yanan Fan
Guilherme Souza Rodrigues

Approximate Bayesian computation

Scott Sisson
Timothy Chap-On Siu

Dynamical systems and number theory

John Roberts
Yueyue Song

Symbolic data analysis for panel data

Scott Sisson
Thomas Stindl

Point process, financial data analysis, time series, computational statistics

Feng Chen
Wai Hong Tan

Point processes, statistical inference, applied statistics and probability, market research, stochastic modelling

Feng Chen
Anna Tomskova

Functional Analysis

Fedor Sukochev
James Totterdell

Advances in Efficient Bayesian Inference and Statistical Computation

Scott Sisson
Dominic Vella

Functional analysis and partial differential equations

Ian Doust
Eduardo Vitarelli De Queiroz

Observational Oceanography of Southeastern Australia

Moninya Roughan
Damien Wee

Statistical models for high frequency financial time series

William Dunsmuir
Thomas Whitaker

Symbolic data analysis

Scott Sisson
Kam-Hung Yau

Number Theory

Igor Shparlinski
Xin Zhang

Approximate Bayesian computation

Scott Sisson
Meng Zhe Zhang

Stochastic analysis, financial maths

Leung Chan
Wanchuang Zhu

Bayesian inference

Yanan Fan
Masters by Research Students
Research Area
Zhi Yee Chng

Combinatorics, Ramsey Theory, external set theory

Thomas Britz
Matthew Kent Males

Natural language analysis of poison information centre free text data

Scott Sisson
Ramanan Rajkumar

Generalisations and applications of the accumulating remainder tree

David Harvey
Thomas Scheckter

Geometry of Banach spaces and noncommutative geometry

Fedor Sukochev
Sin Keong Tong

Generalised Inversion Count and Distribution of Integer Sequences

Thomas Britz