Current Research Students

PhD Students
Research Area
Meiram Akhymbek

Principal trace function of Carey-Pincus in semifinite setting and its connections with spectral shift functions

Fedor Sukochev
Shaymaa Shawkat Kadhim Al-Shakarchi

Banach algebras

Ian Doust
Haya Saeed N Aldosari

Graph Theory and Hypergraphs

Catherine Greenhill
Saleh Salhan Almuthaybiri

New applications of nonlinear analysis to nonlinear differential equations

Chris Tisdell
Carlos Enrique Aya Moreno

Wavelets, non-parametric statistics, functional data analysis

Spiridon Penev
Christopher Bladwell

Quantifying Global Water Cycle Change using Ocean Observations

Jan Zika
Daniel Boettger

Improving the representation of the ocean surface mixed layer in an operational ocean forecast model

Shane Keating & Mike Banner
Yudhi Bunjamin

Block ordering of block designs

Catherine Greenhill & Diana Combe
Yi-Lung Chen

Computational  Statistics and Data Science

Zdravko Botev
Vincent Chin

Markov Chain Monte Carlo/Approximate Bayesian computation

Scott Sisson
Zhi Yee Chng

On the Ramsey-type results in graph theory

Thomas Britz
Michael Clarke

Uncertainty Quantification for PDEs with random coefficients using Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods

Josef Dick
Harry Crimmins

New directions for the spectral method of transfer operators

Gary Froyland
Raveen de Silva

Functional analysis

Ian Doust
Michael Denes

Mathematical oceanography, in particular identifying Langrarian Coherent Structures in the ocean using multi-drifter trajectory data

Gary Froyland
Elliott Dovers

Cox process regression models for multi-species presence-only data in ecology

David Warton
Farah El Rafei

A posteriori error estimates of a convergent numerical scheme for a hyperbolic nonlinear problem

Thanh Tran
Youstina Hamdy Maurice Elzahaby

Predicting Marine Heatwaves using Machine Learning

Moninya Roughan & Amandine Schaeffer
John Fitzgerald

Drawing and counting legislation - will it help? 

Thomas Britz
Gurtek Singh Gill

Anomalous diffusion models of limit order books

Peter Straka
Catheryn Gray

Mathematical modelling of the insulin signalling pathway in adipocytes

Adelle Coster
Michaela Hall

Population-level harms, benefits and cost-effectiveness of HIV vaccination strategies in developing countries

John Murray
Joshua Ho

Chromogeometry and cubics over finite fields

Norman Wildberger
Xiongwen Ke

Bayesian inference and Markov Chain Monte Carlo simulation

Yanan Fan
Fiona Kim

Natural Language Processing/Topic Modelling using a Bayesian Approach

Yanan Fan
Max Kulinich

Statistical Methods for Climate Model Ensembles

Yanan Fan
Tsz-Kit Jeffrey Kwan

Self-exciting process, Point process, limit theory, asymptotic inference, financial data analysis, point pattern analysis

Feng Chen
Madeleine Kyng

Computing zeta functions of algebraic curves over finite fields, specifically to extend a method to handle plane curves with arbitrary singularities

David Harvey
Yandong Lang

Deriving new ways of constructing approximately neutral surfaces

Trevor McDougall
Thomas Lesgourgues

Ramsey's Theory

Anita Liebenau
Kevin Limanta

Geometric Fourier transform theory for compact simple Lie group connecting the Kirillov theory for representations with the operator valued Fourier transform

Norman Wildberger
Guanting Liu

Stochastic Processes and Their Simulations

Libo Li
Sean Lynch

Noncommutative number theory

Daniel Chan
Daniel Mackinlay

Regularisation methods in stochastic process inference

Zdravko Botev
Maeve McGillycuddy

Model-Based Assessment of Treatment Effect in Multivariate Abundance Data

David Warton
Georges Nader

Spectral shift function in Scattering Theory

Denis Potapov
Robert Nguyen

Statistical Methods in Australian Rules Football

David Warton
Jeremy Nugent

Higher order symmetries of Lorentzian manifolds

Jonathan Kress
Prosha Rahman

Generalised solutions in symbolic data analysis

Boris Beranger & Scott Sisson
Gavin Robertson

Geometric properties of finite dimensional Banach spaces

Ian Doust
Christopher Rock

Discovering the Hidden Influence of Coherent Structures in Complex Geophysical Flows

Gary Froyland
Thomas Scheckter

Geometry of Banach spaces and noncommutative geometry

Fedor Sukochev
Alan Stoneham

Integration theory for sigma operators

Ian Doust
Arfa Tariq

Discontinuous Galerkin time stepping for fractional diffusion problems

William McLean
Dinh Duy Tran

Application of Bayesian statistics to inverse problems and high dimensional computation in finance

Josef Dick
Rianti Siswi Utami

Joint Models of Longitudinal Data and Recurrent Events with Time-varying Covariates and a Dependent Terminal Event

Pierre Lafaye de Micheaux & Jake Olivier
Eduardo Vitarelli De Queiroz

Observational Oceanography of Southeastern Australia

Moninya Roughan
Thomas Whitaker

Symbolic data analysis

Scott Sisson
Zhuoshu Wu

Stochastic processes and its relevant applications; Pricing and hedging of financial derivatives; Bayesian Statistics

Leung Chan
Jiefei Yu

Application of Fuzzy Set Mont Carlo Simulation - Estimating the Shortage of Bank's Branch Position

Leung Chan
Ashwaq Zarban

Yield Curve Estimation Methodology by Using Equilibrium Models

Leung Chan
Leyang Zhao

Optimization methods for stochastic processes

Spiridon Penev & Guoyin Li
Masters by Research Students
Research Area
Jiaxin Chen

Partition Process in Data Analysis and Machine Learning

Scott Sisson
Anny Francis

Approximate methods in Bayesian Statistics

Robert Kohn & Scott Sisson
Zhe Han

Inference for point processes and its applications in financial data modelling and analysis

Feng Chen
Dexun Li

Stochastic process models for financial data analysis and their statistical inferences

Feng Chen
Ziyu Li

Random substitution of fractals on graphs and proof of the minimum clues in Sudoku

Thomas Britz
Michelle Lim

A Generalised Principal Component Analysis Approach for Ecological Monitoring

David Warton
Matthew Kent Males

Natural language analysis of poison information centre free text data

Scott Sisson
Jun Ze Zhang

Lie group, Lie algebra, metric geometry and differential geometry

Michael Cowling