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DataSoc - UNSW Data Science Society

The UNSW Data Science Society (DataSoc) is a student society affiliated with the School of Mathematics and Statistics at UNSW. We are Australia’s FIRST Student Data Society!

DataSoc aims to provide Data Science students, and aspiring Data Scientists, an inspiring, cohesive and creative environment, where students can learn more about data science practices.

DataSoc was set up in early 2017, shortly after the introduction of the Bachelor of Data Science and Decisions at UNSW.

DataSoc’s Goals

1. To create a diverse range of opportunities for the development of social, educational and intellectual interests of its members.

2. Generally, to organise and direct such events and services, as may be appropriate for the interests of its members.

3. To provide a cohesive platform that allows members to further or develop skills that are mathematical, analytical and computational in nature, but must relate somehow to data science practices (i.e. Machine Learning).

With this, DataSoc will aim to make members feel as if every day is different and challenging!

DataSoc Structure

DataSoc’s organisational structure is modelled after Governmental and Company models. This allows all members to feel interconnected and this is what makes us different from other societies.

Our Agencies include:

1. Communications Agency (CMA)
2. Consulting Agency (CNA)
3. Intelligence Agency (INA)
4. Online Services Agency (OSA)
5. Postgraduate Agency (POA)
6. Marketing Agency (MAA)
7. Social Justice Agency (SJA)
8. Publications Agency (PUA)
9. Educational Agency (EDA)
10. Mentoring Agency (MEA)


DataSoc 2017 Executives

President:                 Saksham Yadav
Vice President:          Shuning Zhao
Treasurer:                  Daniel Han-Chen (pictured at right)
Secretary:                  Daniel Han-Chen
Female Ambassador:  Zena Lam (pictured at right)
IT Director:                 Richard Yu

DataSoc Contacts


Join us at: (Please provide your degree, major & year)