DataSoc - UNSW Data Science Society

The UNSW Data Science Society (DataSoc) is a student society affiliated with the School of Mathematics and Statistics at UNSW. We are Australia’s FIRST Student Data Society!

DataSoc aims to provide Data Science students, and aspiring Data Scientists, an inspiring, cohesive and creative environment, where students can learn more about data science practices.

DataSoc was set up in early 2017, shortly after the introduction of the Bachelor of Data Science and Decisions at UNSW.

DataSoc's Goals:

To become Australia’s leading student run society platform in assisting students on achieving their data science career goals.
  • Career: Create and inform members of data science-related opportunities in their studies and careers with course information sessions and career-focused events.
  • Social: Enriching the sense of community and diversity among UNSW data science students through various social activities such as BBQs, competitions, etc.
  • Education: Supporting data science students in their studies in data science with DataSoc’s help sessions, workshops and peer supporters. See info about our Peer Mentor Scheme
With this, DataSoc aims to make your university experience even more fun and fulfilling, whilst maximizing your employment opportunity and career progression in data science.


DataSoc Contacts


Join us at: (Please provide your degree, major & year)

DataSoc 2021 Executive Team


President: Laurel Lu
Vice President (External): Vincent Chen
Vice President (Internal): Ivan Hou
Treasurer: Ashleigh Feng
Secretary: Chantelle Liu
Diversity Ambassador: Roshan Abraham
Arc Delegate: Kai Mashimo


Human Resources - Winston Sun
Education - Daniel Ho and Kevin Luo
IT/Pubs - Aileen Wang and William Feng
Marketing - Erica Soenarjo and Samraggi Pant
Careers - Aarthi Kumararaja and Norton Wu
Social - Alexander Swan and Farrah Li
Sponsorships - Celine Choo and Shubh Patel


DataSoc 2020 Executive Team

President: Ellen Wang
Vice President (External): Laurel Lu
Vice President (Internal): Nigel Lin
Treasurer: Chen Yu Wang
Secretary/Communications Officer: Kelly Tao
Arc Delegate: Shirley Xu
Diversity Ambassador: Abhijot Singh


DataSoc 2019 Executive Team

President: Christopher Shi
Vice President (External): Victor Tsang
Vice President (Internal): Nikita Kapahi
Vice President Postgrad: Sharon Li
Treasurer: Blake Coleman
Secretary: Ellen Wang
Diversity Ambassador: Kean Yee Tan
Arc Delegate: Dean Hou


DataSoc 2018 Executive Team


President: Jacky Koh
Vice President (Undergraduate): Daniel Han-Chen
Vice President (Postgraduate): Shuning Zhao
Treasurer: Dean Hou
Secretary and Arc Delegate: Nicholai Rank
Female Ambassador: Rachel Ha
Events Director: Blake Coleman
Managing Director: Saksham Yadav

DataSoc 2017 Executive Team

President: Saksham Yadav
Vice President: Shuning Zhao
Treasurer: Daniel Han-Chen
Secretary: Daniel Han-Chen
Female Ambassador: Zena Lam
IT Director: Richard Yu