Exam Information

Your exam timetable is available through myUNSW.

Internal Exams Timetable for T2 2019

For general information on exams at UNSW, please see UNSW Examinations.

School Policies

Exams Run by the School

The Internal Exam timetable will be available here, for School-run internal exams.

Calculator Information

For all exams, students must supply their own calculator. Only calculators on the list of approved calculators may be used in the end of semester exams. This list is similar to the list of calculators approved for HSC examinations.

BEFORE the exam period, calculators must be given a UNSW "sticker", obtainable from the School of Mathematics and Statistics Office, and other Faculty Student Centres or Schools.

  • List of approved calculators for use in final exams
  • Calculators are not supplied for Mathematics tests
  • For most Mathematics courses, calculators are not permitted in tutorial or class tests. (Each course will announce its own policy on this.)

School Additional Assessment Exams

Undergraduate Students

Details of the additional assessment exams, as well as dates for the current semester, are given in the Important Information sheet for Undergraduate students, which is available from School Assessment Policies.

Additional assessment exams can only be sat by students who are permitted to do so under the School's Policy on Additional Assessment.

Additional assessment exams must be sat at the announced time unless you have two Mathematics exams at the same time, in which case you should contact the Student Services Manager, phone: (02) 9385 7053, room: Red Centre 3088; or Director of Undergraduate Studies, phone: (02) 9385 7060, room: Red Centre 5103.

There are no special considerations for additional assessment exams, so students with long-term problems must seek the advice of the Director of First Year, phone: (02) 9385 7055, room Red Centre 3073; or Director of Undergraduate Studies, phone: (02) 9385 7060, room RC-5103, well in advance of the exams.

Postgraduate Coursework Students

Information about additional assessments is contained in the Important Information sheet for Postgraduate Coursework students, available from School Assessment Policies.

Students requiring assistance, or with long-term problems, should contact  Student Services Manager or the Director of Postgraduate Coursework Studies.