First Year Semester 2 Courses (2018 and earlier)

Please note that this page contains historical information about the courses offered in year 2018 and earlier. For up to date information about the current courses please visit the updated course pages.

Below is a list of first-year courses taught in Semester 2 with links to their respective course homepages.

Note that prior to the start of a semester, the course homepage may relate to a previous semester.

  • MATH1011 Fundamentals of Mathematics B
  • MATH1041 Statistics for Life and Social Sciences
  • MATH1081 Discrete Mathematics
  • MATH1131 Mathematics 1A
  • MATH1231 Mathematics 1B
  • MATH1241 Higher Mathematics 1B
  • MATH1251 Mathematics for Actuarial Studies and Finance 1B
  • MATH1000 Modelling Real-World Phenomena - this course is no longer offered, and is now part of SCIF1021 Advanced Science Seminar
  • DATA1001 Introduction to Data Science and Decisions