First Year Semester 2 Courses

Below is a list of first-year courses taught in Semester 2 with links to their respective course homepages.

Note that prior to the start of a semester, the course homepage may relate to a previous semester.

  • MATH1011 Fundamentals of Mathematics B
  • MATH1041 Statistics for Life and Social Sciences
  • MATH1081 Discrete Mathematics
  • MATH1131 Mathematics 1A
  • MATH1231 Mathematics 1B
  • MATH1241 Higher Mathematics 1B
  • MATH1251 Mathematics for Actuarial Studies and Finance 1B
  • MATH1000 Modelling Real-World Phenomena - this course is no longer offered, and is now part of SCIF1021 Advanced Science Seminar.
  • DATA1001 Introduction to Data Science and Decisions