Honours in Physical Oceanography

Physical Oceanography is the study of the dynamics and thermodynamic of the ocean. Processes explored by physical oceanographers can range from the spreading of near shore pollution over days to changes in the global climate over millennia. At its heart is the study of the mathematical equations that describe fluid flow, and how these are used in the context of the ocean.

At UNSW, our Honours in Physical Oceanography is unique, as it is offered within the School of Mathematics and Statistics.

Teaching and projects are led by academics who are both practitioners of Physical Oceanography but also experienced educators in the mathematical sciences. UNSW thus offers a unique bridge for graduates of numerate fields (mathematics, statistics, physics, engineering etc.) to enter Physical Oceanography.

Students are expected to complete the equivalent of five courses (totalling 30 units of credit), one of which can be completed outside of the School, and to complete an Honours project (worth 18 units of credit).

For other information about doing Honours in Physical Oceanography and specific entry requirements, see the UNSW Handbook.

Honours Coordinator - Physical Oceanography

Dr Amandine Schaeffer
Email: a.schaeffer@unsw.edu.au
Office: Room 4102, Red Centre (Centre Wing), UNSW


Other projects are possible, and you should contact any potential supervisors to discuss your options.