Honours Scholarships

Honours students may apply for the following scholarships.  

Honours Relocation Scholarships

The Dean’s Honours Relocation Scholarship is a new scheme designed to provide opportunities for high-performing students to study their Honours year in the Faculty of Science at UNSW. This scholarship, valued at $5000, goes to cover the costs of relocation of non-UNSW students.

Students must have made contact with a potential supervisor in the relevant School they are proposing to undertake Honours prior to applying for this scholarship, and have obtained a supporting statement for the Honours topic they propose to undertake.

For further information, please see the Faculty of Science's Honours Relocation Scholarship page.

UNSW Honours Year Scholarships - UGCA1120

Each year ten honours scholarships are awarded to students who achieve an average Distinction in their respective undergraduate degree program. The scholarship is only available to students who are enrolled in a degree program where the award of honours requires an extra year of full- time study over and above the requirements of the pass degree. The scholarship is $5000 for 1 year. Apply through UNSW Scholarships Online.

Jim Douglas Award in Statistics - UGCA1438

This Award is to encourage outstanding students to undertake full time study in the Faculty of Science entering an Honours Year Program in Statistics.

Applicants will be assessed on academic merit, and on the basis of a written statement of up to 500 words. In this statement, applicants should explain their interest in statistics and how the Honours year will contribute to their career plans.

The scholarship is valued at $2000 for 1 year. Apply through UNSW Scholarships Online.

Paradice Honours Year Scholarship - UGCA1433

The aim of this scholarship is to encourage female students to undertake an Honours program in the School of Mathematics and Statistics. This scholarship will be selected on the basis of highest WAM in Mathematics and Statistics courses, for female students intending to enrol in an Honours program in the School of Mathematics and Statistics. Apply through UNSW Scholarships Online.

The Dean's Honours Year Scholarship in Science - UGCA1083

This scholarship was established to support outstanding students undertaking study at Honours level in the Faculty of Science. The Scholarship is valued at $2500 for 1 year.  Apply through UNSW Scholarships Online.

The Advanced Mathematics ScholarshipThe Scholarship will be awarded each year on the Advanced Maths Day. The scholarship is for students progressing to the Honours year in an Advanced Mathematics Program at UNSW. The Scholarship is valued at $5000 for 1 year. The successful student for outstanding Academic Excellence will be selected by the Head of School in consultation with Honours Co-ordinators.

In addition, the School awards two prizes for Honours students: the Buchwald Award in Applied Mathematics (one award of $500  for a student in the final year of Honours Applied Mathematics), and The George Szekeres Award (one award of $500 available to students entering the final year of Honours Pure Mathematics).