MathSoc - UNSW Mathematics Society

The UNSW Mathematics Society (MathSoc) is a student society affiliated with the School of Mathematics and Statistics at UNSW Sydney. However, anyone interested in maths can join. MathSoc is one of the largest societies at UNSW, with over 3000 members – membership spans from first year students to School staff!

MathSoc’s main goals include:

  • Informing students of maths-related opportunities in their studies and careers, at university and beyond, with course information sessions and career-focused events;
  • Enhancing the sense of community among UNSW maths students through various social events and activities such as BBQs and sports days;
  • Supporting maths students in their studies with MathSoc’s extensive resources and helpful forums.

MathSoc aims to make your university experience even more fun and fulfilling!

MathSoc Executives - 2019:

President: Eugenia Cao
Vice President: Andrew Antony
Secretary: Samir Md Mustavi
Treasurer: David Wassef
Arc Delegate: Stephanie Tong
Education Directors: James Gao & Rui Tong
Events Directors: Arnav Roy & Matthew Xu
IT Director: Lucy Qiu
Marketing/multimedia Directors: Grace Li & Spencer Yang
Sponsorship Directors: Odelia Sze-To and James Lu

MathSoc Executives - 2018:

President: Shahbaz Bains 
Vice President: Justin Huang  
Treasurer: Philippa Ma
Secretary: Andrew Antony
ARC Delegate: Yifan Shen
Education Director: Kevin Ge, & Alex Ling 
Events Directors: Eugenia Cao, David Wassef & Samir Mustavi 
IT Director: Gal Aharon
Marketing Directors: Andy Nguyen, Elie Sikh & Baktiar Niloy 
Sponsorship Directors: Amitoze Singh, Stephanie Si-Ning Tong & Brendon Yang 
HR Director: Henderson Koh 

MathSoc Executives - 2017:

President: Robert Tan
Vice President: Toby Walmsley
Treasurer: Connie Kuo
Secretary: Suman Prusty
ARC Delegate: Sally Wang                                                                                                                                
Education Director: Aaron Hassan & Dominic Palanca
Events Directors: Henderson Koh & Philippa Ma
IT Director: Amitoze Singh
Marketing Directors: Yifan Shen & Shilong Zhu
Sponsorship Directors: Shahbaz Bains & Vishaal Nathan
Women's Director: Julia Renouf
Outreach Director: Andrew Anthony

MathSoc Executives - 2016:

President: Treves Li
Vice President: Mimi Greenbaum
Treasurer: Robert Tan
Secretary: Toby Walmsley
ARC Delegate: Yongzhen Chen
Education Director: Vishaal Nathan & Henderson Koh
Events Directors: Sally Wang & Jamie Priest
IT Director: Brendan Trinh
Marketing Director: Mary Chen
Sponsorship Directors: Jack Gan & Yang Hu
Women's Director: Connie Kuo
Outreach Director: Thomas Sritharan

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