Obtaining Software

The software required for you to study your mathematics and statistics courses is available on the computers that are provided for you in the School of Mathematics and Statistics.

Depending on the software that you require it may also be able to be accessed remotely.  Go to www.myaccess.unsw.edu.au to remotely access commonly used applications such as Maple, Matlab and Mathematica. If you have any questions about remote access please refer to the documenatation for your course.  

If you also wish to install software on your own computer then the following links should help you.

  • An extensive collection of software including MS Office is available free or at reduced price to students of UNSW. Details of the software available is listed on the Student Software page of the IT@UNSW web site.

  • R is free statistical software and is available from the R-project web site.

  • Maple - If a student wishes to obtain a copy of Maple then they should purchase a copy of the student edition. The student edition is avilable from multiple sources including (from cheapest to most expensive as of January 2013) from their Australian distributer (ASES), Maplesoft and the UNSW Bookshop.
  • Matlab

    UNSW has a Matlab site license that allows currently enrolled UNSW students to download and install Matlab on their own laptop or home PC. Further details of the license conditions and for download and installation instructions see the UNSW IT > For Student > Software > Matlab page.  To see the instructions, follow the link immediately below the "MATLAB - Numerical Computing Software" heading.

    Student who are also employed by the university (typically a postgraduate researcher) can obtain a copy of Matlab via the Staff Software page of the IT@UNSW web site.

  • TeX/LaTeX is a high quality mathematical typesetting system freely available from http://www.latex-project.org (see Getting LaTeX).