Past Research Students

The School congratulates its many successful research graduates. Past and recent theses are listed here, with a link to the thesis online, where available.


Saleh Salhan Almuthaybiri, PhD, Solutions to differential equations via fixed point approaches: New mathematical foundations and applications (Applied, Supervisors Chris Tisdell and Chris Goodrich)

Yi-Lung Chen, PhD, Advances in Monte Carlo methods: Exponentially tilted sequential proposal distributions and regenerative Markov chain samplers (Statistics, supervisor Zdravko Botev)

Harry Crimmins, PhD, Statistical stability for deterministic and random dynamical systems (Applied, supervisor Gary Froyland)

Elliot Dovers, PhD, Fast methods for fitting log-Gaussian Cox Process models in Ecology (Statistics, supervisor David Warton)

Catheryn Gray, PhD, Mathematical modelling of Akt: insulin signalling and glucose metabolism (Applied, supervisor Adelle Coster)

Michaela Hall, PhD, Mathematical modelling of human immunodeficiency virus and human papillomavirus disease transmission dynamics, natural history, and control interventions (Applied, supervisors John Murray, Karen Canfell and Adelle Coster)

Ziyu (Nero) Li, MSc, Random Substitution Networks and Graph Fractal Dimensions (Pure, supervisor Thomas Britz)

Daniel Mackinlay, PhD, Essays in simulation and stochastic processes (Statistics, supervisor Zdravko Botev)

Eduardo Vitarelli de Queiroz, PhD, Characterising internal tides in a region of dynamic circulation: The East Australian Current at 27°S (Applied, supervisor Moninya Roughan)


Haya Aldosari, PhD, Asymptotic enumeration of sparse uniform hypergraphs, with applications (Pure, supervisor Catherine Greenhill)

Shaymaa Al-Shakarchi, PhD, Isomorphisms of BV(σ) and AC(σ) spaces (Pure, supervisor Ian Doust)

Fadi Antown, PhD, Linear response in dynamical systems: optimisation and finite-time coherent sets (Applied, supervisor Gary Froyland)

Carlos Aya Moreno, PhD, Shape-preserving wavelet-based density estimation with applications to image analysis (Statistics, supervisor Spiro Penev)

Vincent Chin, Applications of Bayesian mixed effects model (Statistics, supervisor Scott Sisson)

Raveen de Silva, PhD, Maximum generalised roundness of graph metric spaces (Pure, supervisor Ian Doust)

Simon Macourt, PhD, Exponential sums and additive combinatorics (Pure, supervisor Igor Shparlinski)

Nina Ribbat, PhD, High Resolution Circulation of the Hawkesbury Shelf Region, SE Australia: Mean, Variability and Transport Pathways (Applied, supervisor Moninya Roughan)

Thomas Scheckter, PhD, Martingale convergence techniques in noncommutative integration (Pure, supervisor Fedor Sukochev)

Kam Hung Yau, PhD, Distribution of integers with prescribed arithmetic structure and applications (Pure, supervisor Igor Shparlinski)


Peter Ayre, PhD, Hypergraphs: colourability, contiguity and rigidity (Pure, supervisor Catherine Greenhill)

Jinghao Huang, PhD, Derivations with values into ideals of a semifinite von Neumann algebra (Pure, supervisor Fedor Sukochev)

Manzoor Khan, PhD, Quantification and Estimation of Regression to The Mean for Bivariate Distributions (Statistics, supervisor Jake Olivier)

Adam Mammoliti, PhD, On the matching sequencibility, the Erdős-Ko-Rado Theorem and other unrelated stuff (Pure, supervisor Thomas Britz)

Edward McDonald, PhD, Double Operator Integration with applications to Quantised Calculus (Pure, supervisor Fedor Sukochev)

Anna McGann, PhD, Derivation of fractional-order models from a stochastic process (Applied, supervisors Bruce Henry and Chris Angstmann)

Ramanan Rajkumar, MSc, Searching for a counterexample to Kurepa’s conjecture in average polynomial time (Pure, supervisor David Harvey)

Kylie-Anne Richards, PhD, Modelling the dynamics of the limit order book in financial markets (Statistics, supervisor William Dunsmuir)

Carlos Rocha, PhD, Simulated nutrient and phytoplankton dynamics in the East Australian Current system (Applied, supervisors Moninya Roughan and Paulina Cetina-Heredia)

Timothy Siu, PhD, Order, randomness and orbit distributions for dynamics of birational maps over finite fields (Applied, supervisor John Roberts)

Eve Slavich, PhD, Sources of Uncertainty in Ecological Modelling - Modelling species and multiple species distributions (Statistics, supervisor David Warton)

Tom Stindl, PhD, Statistical inference for renewal Hawkes self-exciting point processes (Statistics, supervisor Feng Chen)

Wai Hong Tan, PhD, Predicting the popularity of tweets using the theory of point processes (Statistics, supervisor Feng Chen)

Sin Keong Tong, MSc, Generalised inversion frequency distribution (Pure, supervisor Thomas Britz)

Dominic Vella, Spectral asymptotics associated with Dirac-type operators (Pure, supervisor Fedor Sukochev)

Thomas Whitaker, Innovative methods for the analysis of complex and non-standard data (Statistics, supervisor Scott Sisson) 


Zhi Yee Chng, MSc, On aspects of Ramsey theory (Pure, supervisor Thomas Britz)

Stephanie Clark, PhD, Advances in self-organizing maps for spatiotemporal and nonlinear systems (Statistics, supervisor Scott Sisson)

Alexander Gilbert, PhD, Quasi-Monte Carlo and multivariate decomposition methods for numerical integration problems with very high dimension - analysis, implementation and appication (Applied, supervisor Frances Kuo)

Yoshihito Kazashi, PhD, Approximation of random/stochastic partial differential equations (Applied, supervisors Ian Sloan and Quoc Le Gia)

Eric Kwok, PhD, Dynamic isoperimetry on graphs and weighted Riemannian manifolds (Applied, supervisor Gary Froyland)

Yuehua (Veronica) Li, PhD, Exploring roles of small-scale thermohaline structure on mixing and transport in the ocean (Applied, supervisor Trevor McDougall)

Huan (Jaslene) Lin, PhD, Novel likelihood-based inference for symbolic data analysis (Statistics, supervisor Scott Sisson)

Firouzeh Noghrehchi, PhD, Multiple imputation and access to likelihood based tools in missing data problems (Statistics, supervisors Spiridon Penev and Jakub Stoklosa)

Gennady Notowidigdo, PhD, Rational trigonometry of a tetrahedron over a general metrical framework (Pure, supervisor Norman Wildberger)


Bryce Kerr, PhD, On certain exponential and character sums (Pure, supervisor Igor Shparlinski)

Galina Levitina, PhD, Witten index, spectral shift function and spectral flow (Pure, supervisor Fedor Sukochev)

Gordana Popovic, PhD, Covariance modelling and inference for multivariate discrete data in ecology (Statistics, supervisor David Warton)

Guilherme Rodrigues, PhD, New methods for infinite and high-dimensional approximate Bayesian computation (Statistics, supervisor Scott Sisson)

Thais Rodrigues, PhD, Pyramid quantile regression (Statistics, supervisor Yanan Fan)

Juan Ignacio Ortega Piwonka, PhD, Stochastic models for optically trapped nanowires (Applied, supervisors Bruce Henry and Chris Angstmann)

Benoit Pasquier, PhD, The ocean's global iron, phosphorus and silicon cycles: inverse modelling and novel diagnostics (Applied, supervisor Mark Holzer)

Anna Tomskova, PhD, Multiple operator integrals: development and applications (Pure, supervisor Fedor Sukochev)

Damien Wee, PhD, Estimation of observation driven volatility models with intractable likelihoods - A sequential Monte Carlo approach (Statistics, supervisors William Dunsmuir and Feng Chen)

Xin Zhang, PhD, Probabilistic modelling of symbolic data and blocking collapsed Gibbs Samplers for topic models (Statistics, supervisor Scott Sisson)

Mengzhe Zhang, PhD, Pricing derivatives under regime-switching models (Statistics, supervisor Leung Chan)

Wanchuang Zhu, PhD, Bayesian computation of random Markov field and and its application in medical images (Statistics, supervisor Yanan Fan)


Sabarina Shafie, PhD, Mixed finite element methods for nonlinear equations: a priori and a posteriori error estimates (Applied, supervisor Thanh Tran)

Isaac Donnelly, PhD, Continuous and discrete time stochastic transport (Appiied, supervisors Bruce Henry and Chris Angstmann)

Houying Zhu, PhD, Discrepancy Bounds for Deterministic Acceptance-Rejection Samplers (Applied, supervisor Josef Dick)

Louise Wilkinson, MSc, Exchangeability and G-measures (Pure, supervisors Anthony Dooley and Ian Doust)

Wei Wu, PhD,  Limitations of dynamic programming approach: singularity and time-inconsistency (Statistics, supervisor Ben Goldys)

Ashish Goyal, PhD, Mathematical Modeling of Hepatitis D virus (Applied, supervisor John Murray)

Xin Gao, PhD, A generalization of the Beurling-Hedenmalm uncertainty principle (Pure, supervisor Michael Cowling)

Houying Zhu, PhD, Discrepancy Bounds for Deterministic Acceptance-Rejection Samplers (Applied, supervisor Josef Dick)


Shaun de Roza, MSc, A quantitative approach to Szemeredi's theorem using Heisenberg nilmanifolds (Pure, supervisor Anthony Dooley)

Randell Heyman, PhD, Topics in divisibility: pairwise coprimality, the GCD of shifted sets and polynomial irreducibility (Pure, supervisor Igor Shparlinski)

Nguyen Hong Le, PhD, Four-Fold Symmetry in Universal Triangle Geometry (Pure, supervisor: Norman Wildberger)

Francis Hui, PhD, Mixing it up: new methods for finite mixture modelling of multi-species data in ecology (Statistics, supervisor: David Warton)

Kwok Aun Tan, MSc, A non-hydrostatic atmosphere model for the simulation of stratospheric mountain waves (Applied, supervisors: Bill McKee, Trevor McDougall)

Yu-Heng Ting, MSc, Changes in southern ocean ventilation inferred from repeat hydrographies: a maximum entropy approach (Applied, supervisor: Mark Holzer)

Bo Wang, PhD, Modelling Individual Claim Development Processes in Long Tail Insurance Products (Statistics, supervisor: William Dunsmuir)

Yuguang Wang, PhD, Filtered polynomial approximation on the sphere (Applied, supervisor: Ian Sloan)


Ali Alkhaldi, PhD, The parabola in universal hyperbolic geometry (Pure, supervisor Norman Wildberger)

Joshua Capel, Classification of second-order conformally-superintegrable systems (Pure, supervisor Jonathan Kress)

Nick Fewster-Young, A priori bounds and existence results for nonlinear systems of singular, second order boundary value problems (applied, supervisor Chris Tisdell)

Kim Ngan Le, Numerical methods for the Maxwell-Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equations (Applied, supervisors Thanh Tran/Ben Goldys)

Natalya Levenkova, MSc, Applications of graph theory to real-world networks (Pure, supervisor Catherine Greenhill)

James Nichols, PhD, Quasi-Monte Carlo methods with applications to partial differential equations with random coefficients (Applied, supervisors Frances Kuo and Ian Sloan)

Stephen Maher, PhD, The Application of Recoverable Robustness to Airline Planning Problems (Applied, supervisor Gary Froyland)

Stephen Sanchez, The p-negative type behaviour of finite metric spaces (Pure, supervisor Ian Doust)

Robyn Stuart, Metastable sets in open dynamical systems and substochastic Markov chains (Applied, supervisor Gary Froyland)

Ilya Tregubov, The shallow water equations on the unit sphere with scattered data (Applied, supervisor Thanh Tran)

Julie Ellen Wood, The circulation on the continental shelf of south-eastern Australia from 2009 to 2013 (Applied, supervisor Moninya Roughan)


Daniel Mansfield, PhD, The critical dimension as an invariant of Type III odometers (Pure, supervisors Tony Dooley and Catherine Greenhill)

Helen Macdonald, PhD, Numerical modelling of mesoscale eddies in the Tasman Sea (Applied, supervisor Moninya Roughan)

Alexandr Usachev, PhD, Subclasses of Dixmier (singular) traces and related classes of measurable operators, PhD, (Pure, supervisors Fedor Sukochev and Denis Potapov)

Ian Renner, PhD, Advances in presence-only methods in ecology (supervisor David Warton)

Andrew Chernih, PhD, Multiscale Wendland radial basis functions and applications to solving partial differential equations (supervisors Ian Sloan, Rob Womersley and Thong Le Gia)

Timothy Glass, PhD, Affine processes: invariant measures and convergence (Pure, supervisor Tony Dooley)

Catheryn Gray, MSc, Sensitivity analysis of the insulin signalling pathway for glucose transport (Applied, supervisors Adelle Coster and Bruce Henry)

Robert Hazlewood, PhD, Categorising the operator algebras of groupoids and higher-ranked graphs, (Pure, supervisor Astrid an Huef)

Siti Amirah Abd Rahman, PhD, Freight train scheduling on a single line network (Applied, supervisor Gary Froyland)

Cuong Viet Tran, PhD, Convergence of time series processes to continuous time limits (Statistics, supervisors William Dunsmuir and Ben Goldys)


Michelle Dunbar, PhD, Minimising propagated delay in an integrated aircraft routing and crew pairing framework (Applied, supervisor Gary Froyland)

Boris Lerner, PhD, Line bundles and curves on a del Pezzo order (Pure, supervisor Daniel Chan)

Kundan Misra, MSc, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, the humanist agenda and the scientific method (Pure, supervisor James Franklin)


Dale Roberts, PhD, Equations with Boundary Noise (Pure, supervisor Tony Dooley)

Hugo Bowne-Anderson, PhD, The explicit construction of orders on surfaces (Pure, supervisor Daniel Chan)

Ognjen Stancevic, PhD, Escape and metastability in deterministic and random dynamical systems (Applied, supervisor Gary Froyland)

Peter Straka, PhD, Continuous time random walk limit processes (Applied, supervisor Bruce Henry)

Thanh Duong Pham, PhD, Pseudodifferential equations on spheres with spherical radial basis functions and spherical splines (Applied, supervisor Thanh Tran)

Lester Hing Fung Tsang, MSc, Bootstrapping linear models, and its applications (Statistics, supervisors David Warton and Sally Galbraith)


Gareth Peters, PhD, Advances in approximate Bayesian computation and trans-dimensional sampling methodology (Statistics, supervisor Scott Sisson)

Han Zhang, PhD, Levy stochastic differential geometry with applications in derivative pricing (Pure, supervisor Tony Dooley)

Nathan Pearce, PhD, Kernel methods for data analysis (Statistics, supervisor Matthew Wand)

Jan Baldeaux, PhD, Higher order nets and sequences (Applied, supervisor Iam Sloan)

Mehera Kidston, PhD, Parameter optimisations of a marine ecosystem model in the Southern Ocean (Applied, supervisors Richard Matear and Mark Baird)

Carlos Teixeira, Ocean dynamics of Spencer Gulf (Applied, supervisor John Middleton)

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