Past Research Students: Pre-2010


Shuling Chen, PhD, A study of term structure of interest rates - theory, modelling and econometrics (Statistics, supervisors Ben Goldys and William Dunsmuir)

Atiya Zaidi, Existence and uniqueness of solutions to first order dynamic equations on time scales (Applied, supervisor Chris Tisdell)

Therese Keane, PhD, Combat modelling with partial differential equations (Applied, supervisors James Franklin and Gary Froyland)

Dalia Terhesiu, PhD, On the approximation of finite and infinite equilibrium states and some aspects of Young towers with non-integrable return function (Applied, supervisor Gary Froyland)

Michael Roper, PhD, Implied volatility: general properties and asymptotics (Statistics, supervisor Ben Goldys)

Zhi Jun Guo, PhD, Small time asymptotics of implied volatility under local volatility models (Statistics, supervisors Ben Goldys and Rob Womersley)

Rupert MacCallum, PhD, Generalisations of the fundamental theorem of projective geometry (Pure, supervisor Michael Cowling)

Jim Pettigrew, PhD, Characterising Singular Curves in Parametrised Families of Biquadratics (Applied, supervisors John Roberts and Bruce Henry)

Ibrahim Alhawari, MSc, High resolution non-hydrostatic numerical simulations for wind energy assessment over Libya (Applied, supervisor Russel Morison)


Stephen Howe, PhD, The deprioritised approach to prioritised algorithms (Pure, supervisor Catherine Greenhill)

Caroline Ummenhofer, PhD, Interannual to interdecadal extra-tropical climate variability (CEDL, supervisor Matthew England)

Danesh Jogia, PhD, Algebraic aspects of integrability and reversibility in maps (Applied, supervisor John Roberts)

Robert Taggart, PhD, Evolution equations and vector-valued Lp spaces: Strichartz estimates and symmetric diffusion semigroups (Pure, supervisor Michael Cowling)

Terence Jegaraj, PhD, On small time asymptotics of solutions of stochastic equations in infinite dimensions (Statistics, supervisor Ben Goldys)

Ariyani, PhD, The generalized continuous wavelet transform on Hilbert modules (Pure, supervisors Tony Dooley and Astrid an Huef)


Raed Raffoul, PhD, Functional calculus and coadjoint orbits (Pure, supervisor Tony Dooley)

Benjamin Waterhouse, PhD, New developments in the construction of lattice rules. Applications of lattice rules to high-dimensional integration problems from mathematical finance (Applied, supervisor, Ian Sloan)

Paul Leopardi, PhD, Distributing points on the sphere: Partitions, separation, quadrature and energy (Applied, supervisors Ian Sloan and Rob Womersley)

Alex Sen Gupta, PhD, Global ocean ventilation and Southern Hemisphere climate variability using observations, oceanic, atmospheric and coupled climate models (CEDL, supervisor Matthew England)

Jack Hall, MSc, Some branching rules for GL(N,C) (Pure, supervisor Norman Wildberger)


David Maher, PhD, Brownian motion and heat kernels on compact lie groups and symmetric spaces (Pure, supervisor Tony Dooley)

Willem Sijp, PhD, The effect of the Drake Passage and subgrid-scale eddy parametrization on the global thermohaline circulation (CEDL, supervisor, Matthew England)

Venta Terauds, PhD, Extensions of functional calculus for Banach space operators (Pure, supervisor, Ian Doust)

Craig Arthur, PhD, The Flinders current and upwelling in submarine canyons (Applied, supervisor, John Middleton)

Frank Reid, MSc, The weakly nonlinear stability of an oscillatory fluid flow (Applied, supervisor, Peter Blennerhassett)


Ben Warhurst, PhD, Jet spaces as nonrigid Carnot groups (Pure, supervisor Michael Cowling)

Ed Cripps, PhD, Bayesian variable selection and covariance selection in Gaussian linear regression (Statistics)

Helen Armstrong, PhD, Bayesian estimation of decomposable Gaussian graphical models (Statistics, supervisor Rob Kohn)

Agus Santoso, PhD, Evolution of climate anomalies and variability of Southern Ocean water masses on interannual to centennial time scales

Xie Shuguang, PhD, Stochastic heat equations with memory in infinite dimensional spaces

Jaclyn Brown, PhD, The kinematics and dynamics of cross-hemispheric flow in the Central and Eastern Equatorial Pacific (with CSIRO Marine Research, Hobart; winner of Royal Society of Tasmania's award for best PhD, 2007)

Kevin Sun, MSc, Aspects of G2


Peng Xu, PhD, A computational model for the assessment and prediction of salinisation in irrigated areas (Applied, supervisors Shao and Leslie)

Bill Cruickshank, PhD, Vershik systems and non-singular ergodic theory (Pure, supervisor Tony Dooley)

Josef Dick, PhD, Digital lattice rules: multivariate integration and discrepancy estimates (Applied, supervisor Ian Sloan)

Kassem Mustapha, PhD, Analysis of fully discrete element methods with quadrature for second order nonlinear parabolic and hyperbolic problems (Applied, supervisors Ganesh and Sloan)

Keith Rogers, PhD, Real and p-adic oscillatory integrals (Pure, supervisor Michael Cowling)

Ann-Marie Wong, PhD, Deep convection processes off the coast of Adelie Land, East Antarctica (Applied, supervisors J.H.F. Middleton and W. McKee)

Haixiong Zhuang, PhD, Parameterizations of atmosphere-ocean and atmosphere land surface interactions, with an application to the Australian Monsoon (Applied, supervisors Shao and Leslie)

Eunjoo Jung, Numerical simulation of Asian dust events: the impacts of convective transport and wet deposition (Applied, supervisors Shao and Leslie)

Glenn Grice, MSc, Constant speed flows and the nonlinear Schrodinger equation (Applied, supervisors C. Rogers and W. Schief)

Oldrich Klima, MSc, Analysis of a subelliptic operator on the sphere in complex N-space (Pure, supervisor Michael Cowling)

Catherine Morgan, MSc, Robust optimization with applications to naval force stucture (Applied)


Daniela Leonte, PhD, Flexible Bayesian modelling of gamma ray count data (Statistics, supervisor David Nott)

Chi Mak, PhD, On complex reflection groups G (m,1,r) and their Hecke algebras (Pure, supervisor Jie Du)

Bradley D. Morris, MSc, Infragravity waves on the Sydney Coast (Applied)

Matthew Maccallum, Msc, The long term behavior of some interacting particle systems (Statistics)


Moninya Roughan, PhD, On the East Australian Current: Upwelling and Separation (Applied, supervisor Jason Middleton) 

An Li, PhD, Computational modelling of sediment entrainment and motion in atmospheric surface layer(Applied, supevisor Yaping Shao)

Lixin Qi, PhD, Cut-off low pressure systems over southern Australia (Applied, supervisor Lance Leslie)

Zhou Wang, PhD, A numerical model for the study of sediment diagenesis, iron-phosphorus dynamics, and microphytobenthos (Applied, supervisor Yaping Shao)

Peter Robin Oke, PhD, The efffects of the East Australian Current on the nearshore zone (Applied, supervisor Jason Middleton) 

Peter M. Tate, PhD, The rise and dilution of buoyant jets and their behaviour in an internal wave field (Applied)

Atsushi Kawai, PhD, Pricing and hedging swaptions in the LIBOR market model (Stats/Applied, supervisors Ben Goldys/Rob Womersley)

Eric Schulz, PhD, Air-Sea Flux Parametrizations in Shallow Tropical Sea (Applied, supervisors Brian Sanderson, Frank Bradley, Mike Banner)

Kevin J. Dahl, PhD, Neural network applications of high frequency financial time-series prediction (Pure, supervisor Jim Franklin)


Paul Rothnie, PhD, Bilinear integration and the Feynman-Kac formula (Pure, supervisor Brian Jefferies)

Xuan Jiang, PhD, Non-ergodicity in symmetry Hamiltonians and the reliability of numerical simulations (Applied, supervisor Bruce Henry)

Bruce William Buckley, PhD, Real-time prediction of significant weather near the Tasman Sea: High resolution numerical weather prediction studies (Applied, supervisor Lance Leslie)

Peter Francis Coutis, PhD, Currents, coasts and cays: a study of tidal upwelling and island wakes (Applied, supervisor Jason Middleton)

Peter Wright, PhD, On process capability indices for processes with symmetric tolerances (Stats, supervisor William Dunsmuir)

Renato David Ghisolfi, PhD, Oceanic fronts off the southern Brazilian coast (supervisor Bill McKee)

Jinbao Song, PhD, Breaking of surface gravity waves (Applied, supervisor Mike Banner)

Chris Aiken, PhD, Stochastic forcing of nonnormal coastal flows (Applied, supervisor Jason Middleton)

Zhanhai Gao, PhD, Modelling human immunodeficiency virus and Hepatitis C virus epidemics in Australia (Applied, supervisor John Murray)


Clio Cresswell, PhD, The discrete Painleve equations: hierarchies, Backlund transformations and singularity confinement (Applied, supervisors Nalini Joshi and Bruce Henry)

Kin Hoong Chung, PhD, Compact actions and harmonic analysis (Pure, supervisor Tony Dooley)

Hua Lu, PhD, An integrated wind erosion modelling system with emphasis on dust emission and transport (Applied, supervisor Yaping Shao)

Nino Toronjadze, PhD, The change set problem (Stats, supervisor E. Khmaladze)

Karen Karmen Lau, PhD, Multistage quadratic stochastic programming (Applied, supervisor Rob Womersley)

Helen Jane Reid, PhD, Modelling coastally trapped wind surges over southeastern Australia (Applied, supervisor Lance Leslie)

Christopher Jude Amies, PhD, Mathematical optimisation of radiation treatment of tumours (Applied, supervisor J. Murray)

Brenden Craig Ashton, PhD, Functions of bounded variation in two variables and AC(sigma) operators (Pure, supervisor Ian Doust)

Anthony Joseph Corr, PhD, Finite dimensional representability of forward rate and LIBOR models (Statistics, supervisor Ben Goldys)

Ekatherine Shinjikashvili, PhD, Extremes and probabilities of crossing high and medium levels (Statistics, supervisor E. Khmaladze)

Xiang Wang, PhD, A new generalised Jacobian and its application in nonsmooth optimization (Applied, supervisor V. Jeyakumar)

Jose Henrique Gomes de Mattos Alves, PhD, A saturation-dependent dissipation source function for wind-wave modelling applications (Applied, supervisor Mike Banner)

Mauro Cirano, PhD, Wintertime circulation within the Southeast Indian Ocean: A numerical study (Applied, supervisor John Middleton)

Duncan Smith, MSc, The families of period 1 of 2-groups of co-class 3 (Pure, supervisor Rod James)


Gary Bruce Brassington, PhD, High order methods for computational geophysical fluid dynamics (Applied, supervisor Lance Leslie)

Ian Roderick Campbell, PhD, On the application of the Takesaki-Bichteler represetnation theory to C*-algebra crossed products by actions and coactions (Pure)

Parviz Irannejad, PhD, Impact of land surface scheme structure on the prediction of soil moisture and surface energy fluxes (Applied)

Guanglu Zhou, PhD, Algorithms for variational inequalities and minimizing a sum of norms (Applied, supervisor. L. Qi)


Leonie B. Burgess, PhD, Orthogonal main effect plans and an extension to resolution V

Pritha Das, PhD, Modelling of ocean tides

Andrew Francis, PhD, Centres and centralizers of Iwahori-Hecke algebras

Mark T. Gibbs, PhD, Baroclinic processes in the Sydney coastal ocean 

Jiuzhao Hua, PhD, Representations of quivers over finite fields

Kenan M. Matawie, PhD, Recursive residuals in generalised linear models

Bassam Mourad, PhD, Generalized doubly-stochastic matrices and inverse eigenvalue problems

William L. Peirson, PhD, On the dynamics and kinematics of microscale-breaking wind waves

Yi Zeng, PhD, Approximation of the boundary in Galerkin boundary element methods

Yuan Zou, PhD, Weighted median filters and related nonlinear filters with applications in image processing

Adrian D. Banner, MSc, The geometry of symmetric spaces and Clifford algebras 

Marina Therese De Gabriele, MSc, Internal wave shear modes


Genevieve Mortiss, PhD, Average co-ordinate entropy and a non-singular version of restricted orbit equivalence, 1997

Gui Shan Li, PhD, Inference for the tail of a distribution using extreme order statistics, 1997

Zengxin Wei, PhD, Convergence properties of some methods for nonlinear optimization, 1997

Mark Tatam, PhD, Fluid dynamics of a thin film at an edge, 1997

Eunice Mureithi, PhD, Effects of thermal buoyancy on the stability properties of bounday layer flows, 1997

Wei Chen, PhD, An observational study of the variability of the ocean wind stress and sea surface roughness, 1997

Milton S. Speer, PhD, Observational and modelling studies of Australian severe weather, 1997

Jose Antonio M. Lima, PhD, Oceanic circulation on the Brazilian shelf break and continental slope at 22oS, 1997

Tanudjaja Soetojo, PhD, American option valuation in Gaussian HJM, 1996

Wilfried H. Paus, PhD, Sum of squares manifolds: the expressibility of the Laplace-Beltrami operator on pseudo-Riemannian manifolds as a sum of squares of vector fields, 1996

Yuk Wing Cheng, PhD, Construction of optimal change-over designs, 1996

Houyuan Jiang, PhD, Variational inequalities and complementarity problems, 1996

Handan Cetin, PhD, Generalized linear mixed models in ANOVA and survival analysis settings, 1996

Jennifer S.K. Chan, PhD, Regression models for correlated binary data, 1996

Dimitrios Politis, MSc, Collocation and Galerkin methods for the approximate solution of linear and nonlinear differential equations, 1996

Didi Prahara Mudigdo, MSc, A fully spectral iterative elliptic solver in sigma-coordinates, 1996

Thang Cao, PhD, Adaptive and additive multilevel methods for boundary integral equations, 1995

Julian Abel, PhD, On the existence of balanced incomplete block designs and transversal designs, 1995

Timothy N. Langtry, PhD, Algebraic and diophantine methods in the investigation of lattice quadrature rules, 1995

Brian Dorofaeff, PhD, An invariant associated with completely bounded approximate units on the Fourier algebra of a Lie group, 1995

Rodney Halburd, PhD, Integrable systems: their singularity structure and coalescence limits, 1995

Michael John Cornwall, PhD, Brownian motion and heat kernels in Lie groups, 1994

Xiao Qi Yang, PhD, Generalized second-order directional derivatives and optimality conditions, 1994

Tom Deniss, PhD, Three studies of ocean dynamics, 1994

Andrew M.G. Forbes, PhD, Acoustic thermometry of ocean climate: precursors, 1994

Michael Buckley, PhD, Estimation and inference for smooth signals, 1994

Kian Hoe Chew, PhD, Edge colourings and total colourings of graphs and multigraphs, 1994

Thanh Tran, PhD, Localisation and higher order averaging for boundary integral equations, 1994

Xiaosu Zheng, MSc, Fully discrete qualocation methods for the first kind boundary integral equations, 1994

Mark Johnston, MSc, Geometry and the Sine-Gordon equation, 1994

Sann Myint, PhD, Modulated nonlinear waves, 1993

Ian D. Hoffman, PhD, Lognormal processes in finance, 1993

Geena Gwan, PhD, A polyhedral method for the three index assignment problem, 1993

Yuan Wu, PhD, Repeated measures analysis, 1993

Christopher K. Carter, PhD, On Markov chain Monte Carlo methods for linear space modelling, 1993

Sudhana Subramani, MSc, On sums of singular values, 1993

A.P. Snelson, MSc, Solving stochastic generalized networks, 1993

Clyde Arnold McGilchrist, DSc for series of statistical papers, 1992

Mark Craddock, PhD, Symmetry groups of partial differential equations and harmonic analysis, 1992

Harapan Tobing, PhD, Recursive estimation for multivariate regression models, 1992

Huu Hung Bui, PhD, Morita equivalence of crossed products, 1992

Maria Caridad Natividad, MSc, Generalized convex alternative theorems and cone constrained optimization, 1992

Chi Fan Schrijver, MSc, Positive trigonometric sums of Vietoris-Brown-Hewitt type, 1992

Gui Shan Li, MSc, Some studies in the structure of ergodic flows, 1992

Li-Shiang Wang, MSc, Algorithms for extended linear-quadratic programming, 1992

Zhaorong Jiao, PhD, Generalized mixed models, 1991

Hendra Gunawan, PhD, Maximal functions and harmonic analysis, 1991

Madeleine L. Cahill, PhD, Two studies of the coastal ocean response to low frequency wind forcing, 1991

Zi-jun Wang, PhD, Testing for extreme value domain of attraction and estimating high quantiles, 1991

Huy Thang Cao, MSc, Positive solutions of potential systems involving Sobolev critical exponent, 1991

Ratna Herdiana, MSc, Optimal drug regimens in compartment models, 1991

Scott B. Power, PhD, Circulation in lakes, channels and the coastal ocean, 1990 


Hang Fai Yeung, PhD, On some statistical phenomena concerning the number and size of summands in partitions of numbers, 1989

James P. Denier, PhD, Perturbation methods in the theory of waves and bifurcation phenomena, 1989

Jeffrey A. Hogan, PhD, Fourier uncertainty on groups, 1989

Yi Yan, PhD, First kind boundary integral methods for two-dimensional potential problems with singularities, 1989

David M. Byron, PhD, G exchangeability and the construction of distribution-free statistics, 1989

Jennifer Randall, PhD, The heat equation and generalized Heisenberg groups, 1989

Robert W. Rutledge, PhD, The use of geometric transformations in geostatistical estimation, 1989

Yuzhou Yu, MSc, Neutral surfaces and some characteristics of the world's oceans, 1989

Kevin P. Mansfleld, PhD, Induced representations of crossed products by coactions, 1988

Brian R. Cullis, PhD, Analysis of repeated measures data from designed experiments, 1987

David Angell, PhD, Mahler's method in transcendence theory, 1987

Anthony E. Dixon, PhD, Topics on interfacial and surface waves, 1987

Sunil Kumar, PhD, A new collocation-type method for the numerical solution of Hammerstein equations, 1987

Robert J. Mills, PhD, A posteriori error estimates in computational fluid mechanics, 1987

Barry Flynn, MSc, Some properties of modular equations and the partition function, 1987

Bernard Kachoyan, PhD, Stability in finite containers, 1986

Robert Sing Yan Wong, PhD, On the dictionary between ergodic transformations, Krieger factors and ergodic flows, 1986.

Susanti Lianto, PhD, Recursive estimation in the general linear model, 1986

Ian Boyd, PhD, A mathematical model of the business cycle, 1986

Shahaboddin Ghahreman, PhD, Extrema of Gaussian processes by simulation, 1986

Milan Pahor, MSc, The structure of certain twisted crossed products, 1986

Paul Racki, MSc, Fourier uncertainty inequalities, 1985

Percy P.H. Gessa, MSc, A Fourier approximation method for steady waves over two layers of fluid of different densities, 1985

Samuel Krass, PhD, The n-dimensional Diophantine approximation constants, 1984

Fernando Viera, PhD, The generation of water waves by travelling pressure disturbances, 1984

Peter G. Hornby, PhD, Eigenvalue approximation methods for quantum lattice hamiltonians, 1984

Kar Hung Wong, PhD, On the computational algorithms for the time-lag optimal control problems, 1984

Mark Francis Collins, PhD, Distribution-free tests of subhypotheses, 1984

Kamel Ariffin bin Mohd Atan, PhD, Newton polyhedra and estimates for exponential sums, 1984

Richard J. Wilson, PhD, A study of model random fields, 1984

Claus Petr, MSc, Positive solutions of a nonlinear Klein-Gordon equation, 1984

Dennis Acreman, PhD, Asymptotic analysis of partition identities, 1983

Victor Charles Drastik, PhD, Minimum mean squared error estimation, 1983

Lindsay A. Peters, PhD, Solutions of field equations in general relativity with spinor connection, 1983

Philip John Kachoyan, PhD, Non-linear effects in laminar flow over wavy surfaces, 1983

Leslie J. Hills, PhD, Time series in medical research, 1983

Jane Marie Lake, PhD, Raikov systems and abstract harmonic analysis, 1982

P.M. Duxbury, PhD, Finite lattice methods in one and two dimensional quantum spin systems, 1982

John Forbes Hughes, PhD, Invariants of regular homotopy and bordism of low dimensional immersions, 1982

Francis G. Garvan, MSc, Some congruence properties of the partition function, 1982

Zhan Sheng Wu, PhD, On the optimal control of a class of hyperbolic systems, 1981

Peter Petocz, PhD, Upcrossings by oscillatory processes and their envelopes, 1981

Judy M. Simpson, PhD, The genetic analysis of quantitative traits in humans, 1981

Ronald Lindsay Sandland, PhD, Stochastic growth processes, 1980

Donald W. Reid, PhD, On the computational methods for the optimal control of distributed parameter systems, 1980

Kenneth Reid Vost, PhD, Temperature prediction in underground airways, 1980

Felicity Alison Dewar, MSc, Solution of Fredholm integral equations by the Galerkin and iterated Galerkin methods, 1980


Michael D. Hirschhorn, PhD, Developments in the theory of partitions, 1979

Neil Ormerod, PhD, Integral kernels and Dirichlet series, 1979

Hugh Macpherson, PhD, Some studies of wave-seabed interactions, 1979

A.C. Gleeson, PhD, The statistical analysis of plant control experiments, 1978

Sahala N. Nababan, PhD, On the optimal control of delay differential systems, 1978

John M. Murray, MSc, On a computational algorithm for a class of time-delay optimal control problems, 1978

Andrew M. Adams, MSc, Applications of the Gelfond-Baker method to elementary number theory, 1978

Richard Nicholas Reddan, MSc, Translation properties of measures and Nemytskii sets, 1978

Alan G. De'ath, MSc, The influence of topography and a shear current on progressive waves in a non-Boussinesq fluid, 1978

Geoffrey H. Smith, PhD, Analytic extension of Riemannian manifolds, 1977

David Mooney, MSc, On the Diophantine equation xm + ym = zn, 1977

Ian Boyd, MSc, Optimal control of production firm models, 1977

Robert O. Blackwell, PhD, Some existence theorems in the theory of doctrines, 1976

Peter Nickolas, PhD, Free topological groups and free products of topological groups, 1976

Leigh Sneddon, MSc, The application of decimation renormalization transformations to the critical behaviour of two-dimensional Ising spin systems, 1976

Robert J. Adler, PhD, Excursions above fixed levels by random fields, 1975

Michael Charles Cullinan, PhD, On the structure of geometries with spinor-type connexion, 1975

Peter G. Gipps, PhD, Development and manipulation of mathematical models of traffic flow, 1975

Robert William Perry, PhD, Analytic functions over Banach algebras, 1975

Lyle Beresford Shaw, PhD, Thermal conductivity of liquid metals, 1975

Andrew Ian Macfarlane, MSc, Topological objects in elementary topoi, 1975

Neville de Mestre, PhD, Low-Reynolds-number flows : the application of fundamental singularities, 1974

Sangbok David Hahn, PhD, Variabilities of hydrological properties of coastal waters off eastern Australia and their associated factors, 1974

Geoffrey Peter Kirkwood, PhD, A discrete Round Robin queueing model, 1974

Geoffrey Lewis, PhD, Coherence for a closed functor, 1974

John Robert Macdonald, PhD, Some aspects of the Hartree-Fock method, 1974

Gregory Charles Leonard Searle, PhD, A sequential test with power one and its application to cusum charts, 1974

Peter N. Jones, MSc, Analysis of hydrological recession curves, 1974

Peter Lind, MSc, Properties of and estimation in the Thomas distribution, 1974

John William Rice, PhD, Functional calculi and the structure of operators, 1973

Sam H. Huxham, PhD, Probability models and extreme value theory, 1973

Peter G. Gipps, MSc, Response surfaces under transformations of the independent variables, 1973

Don Julian Bennett, MSc, Paired comparisons with more than two response categories, 1973

Ronald James McKay, PhD, Simultaneous procedures in discriminant and regression analysis, 1973

Brian John Day, PhD, Construction of biclosed categories, 1970

Roman M. Matlak, PhD, Study of limit cycles of an autonomous system of differential equations, 1970

James M. McPherson, PhD, Wild knots and arcs in a 3-manifold, 1970

Jane E. Reeves, PhD, Bayesian estimation in the first-order auto-regressive series, 1970

Before 1970

Lynne Billard, PhD, Sequential tests for two-sided alternative hypotheses, 1969

Phillip Morris Diamond, PhD, Fractional iteration of functions of several variables, 1969

Anthony J. Guttmann, PhD, Numerical studies in phase transition, 1969

Christopher Lucas, PhD, Theoretical problems in the quantum mechanics of a three nucleon system, 1969

Douglas J. Mitchell, PhD, Statistical mechanics of assemblies of charged particles, 1969

Peter G. Trotter, PhD, A canonical basis for ideals of polynomials in several variables and with integer coefficients, 1969

Warren P. Wood, PhD, Waves in neutral and ionized gases, 1969

Peter Anthony O'Kelly, PhD, A feasibility study of trial function methods for the computation of optimal controls, 1968

Jack Gray, PhD, An investigation of properties and solutions of certain functional equations, 1968

Alfred J. van der Poorten, PhD, Simultaneous polynomial approximation of functions, 1968

Nola G. Cooper, PhD, Persistent currents in an ideal Bose gas, 1968

William G. Gibson, PhD, Investigations in the quantum mechanical three-body problem, 1968

Mark O. Diesendorf, PhD, On the application of diagram perturbation techniques in equilibrium plasma theory, 1968

Constantine Malanos, MSc, Nonlinear programming, 1968

Colin Pask, PhD, Studies in the nuclear three-body problem, 1967

Brian Davies, PhD, Some aspects of the nuclear three-body problem, 1967

Clyde ("Charles") A. McGilchrist, PhD, Plant competition experiments, 1966 (Statistics: Supervisor Jim Douglas)

Morgan Alfred Hanson, PhD, Some aspects of mathematical programming, 1965

Colin Thompson, PhD, Investigations in the theory of superconductivity, 1964

George M. Tallis, PhD, Truncation, grouping and the construction of distributions with special reference to normal populations, 1964 (Statistics: Supervisor Jim Douglas)

Maxwell H. McKay, PhD, A theoretical investigation of resonance absorption in nuclear reactors, 1964

Alex Reichel, PhD, Some temperature effects in nuclear reactors, 1962

Angus Henry Low, PhD, Some aspects of fluid flow past porous barriers and surfaces, 1960

Hans Wieler, MSc, Some New types of quality control charts designed to reduce the amount of inspection and the sensitivity to non-normality of the parent distribution, 1956

Austin Keane, PhD, A problem in finite strain and its possible geophysical applications, 1955