2019 Courses

Please note: Honours students must seek approval from their supervisor for course selection prior to enrolment. 

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Postgraduate/Honours courses

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 Term 3

MATH5165 Optimization MATH5165    
MATH5171 Linear and Discrete Optimization Modelling     MATH5171
MATH5285 Fluids, Oceans and Climate MATH5285    
MATH5295 Special Topics (Appl Maths) D     Cancelled
MATH5305 Computational Mathematics     MATH5305
MATH5335 Comput'l Methods for Finance   MATH5335  
MATH5361 Stochastic Differential Equations MATH5361    
MATH6781 Biomathematics   MATH6781  
MATH5425 Graph Theory     MATH5425
MATH5525 Special Topics (Pure Maths) B   MATH5525  
MATH5535 Special Topics (Pure Maths) C     MATH5535
MATH5605 Functional Analysis MATH5605    
MATH5615 Banach and Operator Algebras   MATH5615  
MATH5645 Number Theory     MATH5645
MATH5665 Algebraic Topology   MATH5665  
MATH5700 Modern Diff Geom and Topology     MATH5700
MATH5705 Modern Analysis   MATH5705  
MATH5706 Modern Algebra MATH5706    
MATH5735 Modules & Represent'n Theory MATH5735    
MATH5805 Special Topics in Statistics Not offered 2019     
MATH5806 Applied Regression Analysis     MATH5806
MATH5816 Continuous Time Fin'l Model'g     MATH5816
MATH5825 Measure, Integ & Probability     MATH5825
MATH5835 Stochastic Processes MATH5835    
MATH5836 Data Mining     MATH5836
MATH5845 Time Series MATH5845    
MATH5846 Intro to Prob and Stoch Proc * MATH5846    
MATH5855 Multivariate Analysis     MATH5855
MATH5856 Intro to Stats and Stat Comput * MATH5856    
MATH5885 Longitudinal Data Analysis   MATH5885  
MATH5895 Nonparametric Statistics Not offered 2019    
MATH5905 Statistical Inference   MATH5905  
MATH5916 Survival Analysis Not offered 2019     
MATH5945 Categorical Data Analysis     MATH5945
MATH5960 Bayesian Inference & Comput'n     MATH5960
MATH5965 Discrete Time Fin'l Modelling   MATH5965  
MATH5975 Intro to Stochastic Analysis MATH5975    
MATH5985 Term Structure Modelling Not offered 2019    
MATH5995 Special Topics in Fin'l Maths Not offered 2019    

* Course offered to Graduate certificate or the Master of Mathematics