Postgraduate Coursework

Course Times

For the convenience of part-time and full-time students, Master of Statistics classes are typically taught from 5:00pm to 8:00pm on weekdays during term.

Please consult the lecturer in charge for other courses.

Coursework degrees and project

The Master of Financial Mathematics, Master of Mathematics and Master of Statistics are coursework degrees. Although they involve a project, the main emphasis is on increasing the student's base of knowledge; the project serves as an introduction to independent research and is usually largely expository in nature. Such projects are assessed internally within the School.

Reviews of progress

For coursework degrees, satisfactory completion of the courses involved constitutes satisfactory progress. In the degrees that require a project work, it is expected that progress on this component of the program will be closely monitored by the Postgraduate Director and their professional colleagues.


You can enrol yourself in courses up until the end of week 1 through MyUNSW after week 1 you will need to complete a Late Enrolment Web Form . Please be sure that the courses are required for your program. If you are unsure you can refer to the link on the Postgraduate Coursework Page and the link for your Program or please feel free to contact Dr Jakub Stoklosa the Director of Postgraduate Studies (Coursework).

Further study

Students whose progress is good may want to consider applying for the Master of Science (Research). Please check the Graduate Research School for further details.