Rules for Exams

Most large-class Mathematics final exams are organised and run by the UNSW Exams Branch. Some small-class ones (including Honours and Postgraduate courses) are run by the School of Mathematics and Statistics.

All exams are run under the same rules. Where UNSW rules conflict with School of Mathematics and Statistics rules, the UNSW rules take precedence.

All exams are timetabled by the UNSW Exams Branch and the School of Mathematics and Statistics has little influence over when they are held. There is an announced period for exams, which for standard Tems currently starts on the Friday after the teaching semester ends and continues until the third Tuesday after that (subject to change each Term). All students are required to be available for the FULL period of examinations.

Final exams must be taken at the scheduled time and the School of Mathematics and Statistics will not allow any students to sit their exams at other times. In exceptional circumstances, students may be allowed by the relevant coordinator (undergraduate or postgraduate) to take the Additional Assessment Exam in place of the Final Exam. If this occurs, the student will not be given any further Additional Assessment.