Second Year Semester 2 Courses

Below is a list of second-year courses taught in Semester 2 with links to their respective course homepages.

Note that prior to the start of a semester, the course homepage may relate to a previous semester.

  • MATH2018 Engineering Mathematics 2D (equivalent to MATH2019)
  • MATH2019 Engineering Mathematics 2E
  • MATH2089 Numerical Methods and Statistics
  • MATH2099 Mathematics 2B
  • MATH2121 Theory and Applications of Differential Equations (previously MATH2120)
  • MATH2221 Higher Theory and Applications of Differential Equations (previously MATH2130)
  • MATH2400 Finite Mathematics
  • MATH2521 Complex Analysis (previously MATH2520)
  • MATH2621 Higher Complex Analysis (previously MATH2620)
  • MATH2701 Abstract Algebra and Fundamental Analysis
  • MATH2831 Linear Models
  • MATH2859 Probability, Statistics and Information
  • MATH2871 Data Management for Statistical Analysis
  • MATH2881 Quantitative Risk
  • MATH2931 Higher Linear Models