Second Year Semester 2 Courses (2018 and earlier)

Please note that this page contains historical information about the courses offered in year 2018 and earlier. For up to date information about the current courses please visit the updated course pages.

Below is a list of second-year courses taught in Semester 2 with links to their respective course homepages.

Note that prior to the start of a semester, the course homepage may relate to a previous semester.

  • MATH2018 Engineering Mathematics 2D (equivalent to MATH2019)
  • MATH2019 Engineering Mathematics 2E
  • MATH2089 Numerical Methods and Statistics
  • MATH2099 Mathematics 2B
  • MATH2121 Theory and Applications of Differential Equations
  • MATH2221 Higher Theory and Applications of Differential Equations
  • MATH2400 Finite Mathematics
  • MATH2521 Complex Analysis
  • MATH2621 Higher Complex Analysis
  • MATH2701 Abstract Algebra and Fundamental Analysis
  • MATH2831 Linear Models
  • MATH2859 Probability, Statistics and Information
  • MATH2871 Data Management for Statistical Analysis
  • MATH2881 Quantitative Risk (not offered in 2018)
  • MATH2931 Higher Linear Models