StatSoc - UNSW Statistics Society

The UNSW Society of Statistics (StatsSoc) is a student society at UNSW Sydney that caters to students who major, or find interest in, statistics.

The society was first established in 2017, and aims to bring together students of mathematics and science backgrounds to collectively enrich their experience in learning statistics at UNSW Sydney. This involves a variety of events and activities, such as invited talks, student newsletters and publications, social events (e.g. lunches and meetups), and rewarding subcommittee activities.

2020 Executive Team

President: Jack Stephens
Vice-President and Human Resources Officer: Maddison Trikilis
Secretary and Arc Delegate: David Bee Olmedo
Treasurer: Farhan Haque

2019 Executive Team

President: Bruce Cable
Vice President: Maddison Trikilis
Treasurer: Arunan Sivakumaran
Secretary: Nicholas Berridge-Argent
Arc Delegate: James Vu
HR Director: Maddison Trikilis

2018 Executive Team

President: Michael Lloyd
Vice President: Samir Mustavi
Treasurer: Anton Lyamin
Secretary: Madhav Padmakumar
ARC Delegate: Rui Tong
HR Director: Rumi Salazar