Third Year Semester 2 Courses

Below is a list of third- and higher-year courses taught in Semester 2 with links to their respective course homepages.

Note that prior to the start of a semester, the course homepage may be relating to a previous semester.

Third-Year Courses

  • MATH3121 Mathematical Methods and Partial Differential Equations
  • MATH3201 Dynamical Systems and Chaos
  • MATH3261 Fluids, Oceans and Climates
  • MATH3311 Mathematical Computing for Finance
  • MATH3411 Information, Codes and Ciphers
  • MATH3511 Transformations, Groups and Geometry (odd years only)
  • MATH3531 Topology and Differential Geometry (even years only)
  • MATH3701 Higher Topology and Differential Geometry
  • MATH3821 Statistical Modelling and Computing
  • MATH3841 Statistical Analysis of Dependent Data
  • MATH3851 Experimental Design and Categorical Data
  • MATH6781 Biomathematics

Higher-Year and Project Courses

Are you looking for a challenge? Well-prepared undergraduates may also enrol in project or honours or postgraduate coursework courses. If you are interested, you should discuss this with the course coordinator and/or the Honours coordinator in the relevant Department. Many of our Distinction students take Honours courses for undergraduate credit: this is a great way to broaden your mathematical education, especially as many Honours courses do not run every year.