Can Maths Save the Planet? Panel and Q & A


Thursday, 11 July 2013 - 5:00pm to 6:30pm


Leighton Hall, Scientia Building, UNSW

Can Maths Save the Planet?

Our environment is under serious pressure from introduced species, climate change, and anthropogenic change. But maths can help!

In this forum, hosted by Mark Horstman from ABC’s Catalyst, we will see how three researchers have used number-crunching skills to have a say in conservation planning and biosecurity. As technology increases the capabilities of number-crunchers, maybe they can even save the planet?

Join us for an interactive panel discussion, open to questions from the audience, from UNSWTV on-line, and from Twitter at #MathsSaveUs

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Wine and cheese soiree from 4pm. Live Q&A Panel Discussion begins at 5pm.

Online participants:

The livestream will be available from 5pm on the UNSW Google+ page, and available afterwards at

You can catch the updates on the official Facebook event.

About the panel:

Mark Horstman (host) has been a Catalyst presenter on the ABC since 2005, regularly reporting on environmental issues and technological breakthroughs. He studied zoology and marine biology for a science degree at James Cook Uni.

Prof Richard Kingsford (The University of New South Wales) is a Eureka medallist and strong advo-cate for environmental flows in the Murray-Darling basin. This involves a lot of modelling!

Prof Kerrie Mengersen (Queensland University of Technology) is a star statistician and President of the Statistical Society of Australia (Inc). She works extensively with government environmental protection departments and ecologists.

Dr Andrew Robinson (The University of Melbourne) is Deputy Director of the Australian Centre of Excellence for Risk Analysis when he is not modelling forests. Dr Robinson has used maths to im-prove quarantine protocols for detecting biosecurity threats.