The Role of Mathematics and Statistics in Science & Society: A public lecture by Prof Lynne Billard


Thursday, 19 May 2016 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm


Room RC-4082, Red Centre (Centre Wing), UNSW (map ref: H13)

Join us for this public lecture by eminent statistician, University of Georgia professor and UNSW alumnus, Lynne Billard.

Abstract: Whatever our interests may be, whether they be the social sciences, medical sciences, history, physical sciences, mathematical sciences, and so on, statistics and statisticians have a role to play in helping us decipher the information pertaining to those interests that surround us daily. 

Against the backdrop of a brief historical view of its applications, the role of mathematics and statistics in a variety of situations
is illustrated, including cases where the obvious technique is not necessarily the best analysis to employ.

This event will also be streamed live on YouTube,


About the speaker:

Lynne Billard is a professor at the University of Georgia, renowned for her statistics research, leadership, and advocacy for women in science.

She has served as president of the American Statistical Association, and the International Biometric Association - one of very few people to have led both organisations.

She received First Class Honours in Statistics at UNSW in 1966, and earned her PhD at UNSW in 1969.

Among many accolades received throughout her career, she has been awarded an American Statistical Association 2003 Founders Award, the 2011 Janet L. Norwood Award, and the COPSS 2013 F.N. David Award.