Maths as a Superpower. A Public Lecture by Emeritus Professor Cheryl E. Praeger


Thursday, 17 May 2018 - 4:00pm


New South Global Theatre, Robert Webster Building, UNSW (campus map ref. G14).


Cheryl Praeger
Professor Cheryl Praeger is the 2018 UNSW Sydney Women in Mathematics and Statistics Ambassador. While she is in Sydney she will be participating in the UNSW Sydney School of Mathematics and Statistics annual "Girls Do The Maths" day for high school girls and other events.

Everyone is welcome to this public lecture by Professor Cheryl Praeger on "Maths as a Superpower".

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Maths is all around us. It is behind all the algorithms that make computers work, so anything that involves computing and technology needs maths. If you can do maths, you are essentially able to invent the future.

When I was a student I was told "there are no jobs for a maths graduate". Clearly wrong. I'll tell you a bit of my journey into maths, the kind of maths I love and use - the maths of symmetry - and how this is a link between mathematics and life.

Importantly, maths helps you think logically, and logical argument alone allows you to show something is true - always, anywhere, in any language and for all time. So maths will help you win any argument for life. Imagine if it became your favourite subject because you were essentially learning a superpower!

About Professor Praeger

Cheryl Praeger AM FAA comes to us from Western Australia, where she is Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at the University of Western Australia and was foundation Director of UWA’s Centre for Mathematics of Symmetry and Computation. She works on the mathematics of symmetry, exploiting deep theory about the finite simple groups to solve group theoretic, combinatorial, geometric, and computational problems.

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