Frances Kuo: Meet the Professors


Monday, 28 October 2019 - 3:30pm


The Chancellery - Council Chambers (map ref: C22)

The 2019 Meet the Professors series is a wonderful chance for staff and students to celebrate the careers and 
achievements of our newly promoted and recruited professors. Our speakers will share their specialist knowledge and provide insights into ‘what’ and ‘who’ influenced their lives and careers.

Professor Frances Kuo will be presenting a talk for the Meet the Professors series.


Lecture: Lifting the curse of dimensionality

High dimensional computation with very many or even infinitely many variables is a new frontier in scientific computing, with applications ranging from financial mathematics to groundwater flow, neutron transport, wave propagation and more. Often the dimensionality arises from uncertainty or randomness in the data. High dimensional problems pose immense challenges because of a nearly inevitable tendency for the cost of computation to grow exponentially with dimension. This talk is a tale on how “Quasi-Monte Carlo” methods can be used to lift this curse of dimensionality.

All welcome!