Events Archive - 2021

The School of Mathematics and Statistics will host our annual Girls Do the Maths workshop for female high school students (years 10 - 12) on Thursday 10 June at UNSW. The event will feature presentations about maths careers, and info about the...> read more

In this lecture, Professor Jessica Purcell provides an introduction to knot theory looking closely at some of the modern tools used to study them.   We encounter knots in everyday life - for example in phone chargers and shoelaces. A...> read more

Dr Daniel Mansfield will present at the Frontiers of Science Forum on Friday 12 March.  He is part of a group of experts invited to deliver talks on the latest and future developments in their fields of knowledge. He joins Chief Scientist of...> read more

Experience the wonder and discovery of university life as you explore O-Week in 2021! Whether you’re a first-year fresh out of high school, a second-year who missed out on student life last year, or an older student coming back for another year, O-...> read more