Events Archive - 2022

The School of Mathematics and Statistics will host our annual Girls Do the Maths workshop for female high school students (years 10 - 12) on Thursday 23 June at UNSW.The event will feature presentations about maths careers, and info about the...> read more

Course Overview R is widely used and extremely powerful statistical software. This course assumes that you have never used R before. You will learn how to obtain and install R, which is open-source software, and RStudio, which is a versatile, user-...> read more

If you're a new Advanced Maths, Data Science & Decisions student, or you are considering a major in Mathematics or Statistics, you shouldn't miss our Term 1 O Week Welcome! Receive a welcome to the School of Mathematics and Statistics, an...> read more

Power calculations and sample size determination are essential parts of planning a scientific study. In this online course (run over two half-days) we will introduce the basic principles of precision-based and power-based sample size calculations....> read more