Bridging Course in Mathematics

If your current knowledge does not match the assumed knowledge for a course that you want to take, then there are a variety of ways of bringing your knowledge up to the required level while at UNSW.

Mathematics Bridging Course

If you have taken HSC Mathematics and need but have not taken Extension 1 level, then you should take the Mathematics Bridging Course. The Mathematics Bridging Course assumes you already have a knowledge of the HSC Mathematics course and covers topics from HSC Mathematics Extension 1 which are required for entry to MATH1131. It usually begins in the last week of January and runs through most of February in intensive mode. For example, the timetable for 2016 can be viewed here.

MATH1011 Fundamentals of Mathematics

An alternative route for students with HSC Mathematics but not Extension 1 level and who need to take MATH1131, is as follows. Take MATH1011 Fundamentals of Mathematics B first as this provides the necessary bridging material to take MATH1131 Mathematics 1A in the next semester.

This option requires one more semester of first year Mathematics than normal. If you take MATH1011 in Semester 1, followed by MATH1131 in Semester 2, then you are advised to take MATH1231 in the following Summer Semester so that you can take second year Mathematics that has it as a prerequisite.

This option is more costly than the Mathematics Bridging Course. Contact the Student Services Office on phone: (02) 9385 7011, email: for more information on this route. Note also that you may not be able to count both MATH1011 and MATH1131 towards your degree. You should discuss this with your Program Authority.

Other routes

For some students you may need to consider enroling in TAFE Essential Mathematics for Higher Education Course.

This program is a partnership between TAFE and UNSW established in July 2012 and aimed at providing a special program for students who needed further assistance with their maths study.

The program is suitable for students who want to improve their knowledge of Mathematics or are having difficulty with Mathematics in the 1st year of their chosen maths course. For further details about this course please visit the Student Noticeboard or the Essential Maths for Higher Education page on the TAFE website.

You can also discuss all of your options with the Student Services Office Red Centre East Wing Level 3, Rooms 3072 phone: (02) 9385 7011 or email: