Ambassador Program - Data Science and Decisions

DS Ambassadors 2018
There is a significant under-representation of female students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programs at University.

Our Data Science and Decisions program provides an opportunity to get the balance right from the start.

The School of Mathematics and Statistics offers a number of one-year Ambassador roles to female students studying the Bachelor of Data Science and Decisions and majoring in Quantitative Data Science.


The primary role of a Data Science and Decisions Ambassador is to assist with the promotion of the Bachelor of Data Science and Decisions degree, and especially to encourage female participation in this degree. This may involve providing information on the Data Science and Decisions program at UNSW, about student support services, and about university life in general, to prospective undergraduate students, their parents and careers advisers.

Ambassadors will become involved in outreach and publicity activities and events within the School of Mathematics and Statistics. Ambassadors may also have the opportunity to become involved in the UNSW Science 50:50 and AMSI CHOOSE MATHS programs. 

Ambassadors will be provided with a stipend of $1000 per year to assist them with their studies.


The Data Science and Decisions Ambassador program is accredited by UNSW Advantage, and students' participation will be listed on their Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS).


An induction for Ambassadors will take place in Trimester 1, where they will be provided with a copy of the Future Students Office Student Ambassador Training Manual. Ambassadors will also be provided with on-the-job training as required.

Expressions of Interest for 2020

Applications for 2020 are now open. There are a limited number of Ambassador places available.

If you are interested in joining us as an Ambassador, then please send an email to
Kaye Sedgers (k.sedgers[at]

Please include a copy of your School Record/Academic Transcript, and a statement about your suitability and interest in the role. This should be less than one page.

Applications close Monday 16 March 2020.

2020 Ambassadors will be notified that week, and required to attend a meeting at UNSW Mathematics and Statistics the following week. 

Recent events

Some of the events that our 2019 Ambassadors were involved with included the AMSI Summer School, UNSW Open Day, and the L'Oréal Girls in Science Expo. 


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