Formal Descriptions of Third Year Mathematics Courses

Students doing a Mathematics or Statistics major must take MATH2060 Professional Issues and Ethics in Mathematics unless the professional education requirement is being met in the other discipline of a double major. If you are doing a Mathematics or Statistics major and didn't take MATH2060 in Stage 2, then you will need to take MATH2060 in Stage 3. 

Not all Level III courses in Mathematics and Statistics are offered every year. If a course is not being offered in a particular year, the course entry below will indicate that. 

Students proceeding to Year 4 (Honours) in some area of Mathematics or Statistics should consult with the relevant Honours Directors (see the information about Honours) before making a final choice of Level III courses. 

Applied Mathematics

Pure Mathematics


  • MATH3801 Probability and Stochastic Processes
  • MATH3811 Statistical Inference
  • MATH3821 Statistical Modelling and Computing
  • MATH3831 Statistical Methods in Social and Market Research
  • MATH3841 Statistical Analysis of Dependent Data
  • MATH3901 Higher Probability and Stochastic Processes
  • MATH3911 Higher Statistical Inference
  • MATH3851 Experimental Design and Categorical Data


Note that Projects are resticted to the best students and need special permission. See Rules for Mathematics Thesis and Project Courses.

  • MATH3000 Mathematics/Statistics Project
  • MATH3001 Mathematics/Statistics Project
  • MATH3002 Mathematics/Statistics Project
  • MATH4011 Mathematics and Finance Thesis Project (12 UOC over two semesters)
  • MATH4012 Mathematics and Finance Thesis Project (12 UOC in one semester).