Graduate Diploma in Mathematics and Statistics 5659

Overview and Entry Requirements

The Graduate Diploma in Mathematics and Statistics commenced in 1998, and is intended for graduates with a background in Mathematics or Statistics wishing to further develop their knowledge and skills in Mathematical and Statistical Science. It offers the opportunity to undertake advanced training in areas such as medical statistics, financial mathematics and industrial statistics. The program may be completed in one year full-time or by part-time study over a longer period. Entry is available to graduates with a pass degree in fields such as mathematics, statistics, econometrics, commerce or business studies. 

We also welcome enquiries from candidates who have a strong quantitative background through education or work experience in any discipline. Students must be enrolled by February to start in Semester 1 or by July to start in Semester 2.

To enter into this program students must have:

  • Completed a Mathematics or Statistics degree in a Science and/or Mathematics program, or a degree in a related area;
  • A sufficient mathematical/statistical background, and an average above 65% in third year mathematics/statistics university courses or higher.

Program requirements

The academic requirement for the degree is 48 units of credit (UOC). All courses listed below are 6 UOC each. MATH5905 and MATH5835, being compulsory core courses for the companion Master of Statistics degree, are offered every year.

Courses available

  • MATH5165 Optimization
  • MATH5335 Computational Methods for Finance
  • MATH5700 Higher Toplogy and Differential Geometry
  • MATH5705 Higher Analysis
  • MATH5706 Higher Algebra
  • MATH5805 Special Topics in Statistics
  • MATH5806 Applied Regression Analysis
  • MATH5816 Continuous Time Financial Modelling
  • MATH5825 Measure, Integration & Probability
  • MATH5826 Statistical Methods in Epidemiology
  • MATH5835 Stochastic Processes
  • MATH5836 Data Mining and its Business Applications
  • MATH5845 Time Series
  • MATH5855 Multivariate Analysis
  • MATH5876 Data Management for Statistical Analysis
  • MATH5885 Longitudinal Data Analysis
  • MATH5895 Nonparametric Statistics
  • MATH5905 Statistical Inference
  • MATH5945 Categorical Data Analysis
  • MATH5960 Bayesian Inference & Computation
  • MATH5965 Discrete Time Financial Modelling
  • MATH5975 Introduction to Stochastic Analysis
  • MATH5985 Term Structure Modelling
  • MATH5995 Special Topics in Financial Mathematics

Up to 12 UOC may be taken in graduate courses offered by other School's within the University, subject to the approval by the course authority and the Postgraduate Coursework Director. Examples include areas such as econometrics, theory of finance, market research, optimization, operations research, transportation planning, business forecasting, total quality management and population genetics.  Students wishing to take a course from Actuarial Studies the course code must be ACTL53** not ACTL51**

Masters students are not permitted to enrol in MATH5846 or MATH5856 but these courses can be carried forward to the Master of Statistics if undertaken in the Grad Dip/Grad Cert.

Class Times

For the convenience of part-time and full-time students in the area of Statistics only, classes are typically taught from 5:00pm to 8:00pm on weekdays during semester.

Further Assistance


Dr Gery Geenens
Director of Postgraduate Studies (Coursework)
School of Mathematics and Statistics 
UNSW Australia (The University of New South Wales) 
UNSW Sydney  NSW  2052 Australia

Phone: (02) 9385 7032
Fax: (02) 9385 7123 
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