Why study with us?

We think that the School of Mathematics and Statistics is a great place to study. But you don't have to take our word for it: you can read what some of our past and current students have to say below. Also see our Spotlight on our Staff and Students webpage to read interviews which were conducted with both students and staff of the School.


Jessica Egan

Degree: Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics) - Honours in Pure Mathematics

I never intended to study mathematics at university, but without a doubt, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I wanted to be on the frontier making breakthrough discoveries at the very forefront of modern science. I thought I had to be studying nanotechnology, biotechnology or computer science. I never dreamed of the myriad of possibilities that mathematics offers, both academically and in the outside world... Read more

Anthony Morris

Degree: Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics) - Honours in Pure Mathematics

My first reason for choosing to study mathematics at UNSW was because of the quality and diversity of the faculty which is one of the largest and most respected in Australia.  This has given me the opportunity to study mathematics at a very high level over a broad range of fields. Secondly, a mathematics degree at UNSW has given me a lot of flexibility with what I have wanted to study... Read more 

Chin Ping Wong   

Degree: Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics) - Honours in Pure Mathematics

One of my first memories of studying mathematics at UNSW was of my first year Algebra lecturer raving about the beauty of the formula eπi =-1.   That incident was my first time witnessing such passion about a simple formula and I was both amazed and slightly alarmed at it... Read more

Wei Wu

Degree: Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics) - Honours in Quantitative Risk

My name is Wei Wu, and I am a Chinese student who is currently studying Advanced Mathematics at UNSW. I came to Australia in 2005 and completed a short English training course in Gosford. I then spent two years at Senior High School in Taree. After this, at the suggestion of a relative, I chose to study at UNSW... Read more

Postgraduate Coursework

Ron Elazar

Degree: Master of Financial Maths; Graduate Diploma in Statistics

I studied a Master of Science in Financial Mathematics at UNSW. I selected the program which was new at the time due to the high standing reputation of the academic staff heading the program.

The first year of my studies in the program proved to be a pivotal one for the global economy with the escalation of the Global Financial Crisis. It was at this point that I realised I wanted to delve deeper into how this crisis came about... Read more

Abhijit Hore

Degree: Bachelor of Commerce (Finance)/Bachelor of Science (Mathematics & Statistics)

My name is Abhijit Hore and I am a former postgraduate student from the School of Mathematics and Statistics at UNSW. I began my tertiary studies in 2002, choosing a combined degree in Science and Commerce, majoring in Mathematics, Statistics and Finance respectively. I continued along the same theme in my postgraduate program, where I completed a Masters in Financial Mathematics in 2009... Read more

Postgraduate Research


Kylie-Anne Richards  

Degree: PhD

I worked in banking for over 6 years with my final position as Head of Financial Engineering at Macquarie Bank, based in Hong Kong. I chose to return to study, undertaking a PhD in statistics at UNSW to further enhance my research and technical skills and to explore some ideas I had developed throughout my working career... Read more


 Peter Straka

Peter Straka

Degree: PhD

Maths has always fascinated me, and I decided to pursue a PhD in mathematics when I was an undergraduate student in Germany. Aside from my German degree (Diplom) I have studied for a Master of Arts degree in mathematics during an exchange year in Los Angeles.

In choosing the university at which I was going to apply for a PhD degree, I took into account the quality of research of my potential supervisor, my interest in it, and also a good international standing of the university. UNSW met all these requirements...
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