Online Professional Development Courses for High School Educators

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The School of Mathematics and Statistics has several offerings in our growing suite of online professional development courses.

All courses are accredited by NESA and meet the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers 2.1.2 and 2.5.2.

All course content is freely available. Teachers who complete a course may purchase a certificate and NESA/TQI accreditation for $30.

Mathematics Standard Mathematics Advanced Extension 1 Extension 2 Enrichment  
Networks and paths MS-N2
Conditional Probability MA-S2 Vectors in 2D Extension 1 ME-V1 Vectors in 3D MEX-V1 Archimedes and the Law of the Lever  

Critical Path Analysis MS-N3

Discrete Probability Distributions MA-S3 Bernoulli and Binomial Distributions ME-S1 Projectiles and Applications of Vectors MEX-M1 Curves from Apollonius to Bezier  

Bivariate Data Analysis Advanced MA-S4

Differential Equations ME-C3

Mathematical Induction MEX-P2

Population Growth and the Logistic Curve  
  Continuous Random Variables and the Normal Distribution MA-S5     Primes, Modular Arithmetic and RSA Encryption  

The courses are available all year round. Accreditation is processed at the end of each quarter.

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This video introduces our suite of Professional Development courses.